VARStreet Release Note - Version 22.4

Published on Monday, 1st March 2021


Introduced 'Flooring A/C#' Field at Distributor Level for Both Standard and Local Distributors

  • A new field called 'Flooring A/C#' field has been introduced in distributor setup page.
  • To access this field go to BO>>Admin>>Distributors>>Distributor Name>>Flooring A/C#
  • This will enable user to enter their Flooring Account No. at distributor level for both standard and local distributors.
  • The 'Flooring A/C#' saved in distributor setup page will carry forward to purchase order (PO) once the PO is created for that respective distributor.

Introduced Ability to Remove Applied Category Filter on Store

  • An option to remove applied category/sub-category filter has been introduced on store.
  • If a user applies category/sub-category filter while searching a product, then that filter will be displayed in the chosen filter list along with the cross sign.
  • By clicking on cross sign, the user can remove that particular category/sub-category filter.
  • The system is also applying a check while removing any filter so that at least one of category/brand/keyword etc., filter will be present

Introduced Ability to Customize Registration Success Message and Newsletter Message on Latest Version of VARStreet Store

For Registration Success Message:

  • Now user can customize registration success message and newsletter message that is displayed on latest version of store. This message will be displayed after successful registration on the store.
  • In Store setup under registration section, a checkbox "Use Custom Registration Success Message" has been introduced. Once the flag is checked, a rich text editor will be available to enter the message.
  • To access this feature go to--> BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>Store>>Registration Section>>Use Custom Registration Success Message
  • If the checkbox is unchecked, then the rich text editor will not be visible and the existing default message will be displayed on store based on registration option.
  • When this checkbox is checked, the message will be displayed as entered in the rich text editor. It is the user's responsibility to change message when they change the registration option.

For Newsletter Message:

  • A new text editor with label "Newsletter Message" has been introduced in Store Setup, under display section, below the login page message to accept message for newsletter.
  • To access this feature go to BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>Store>>Display Section>>Newsletter Message
  • In the absence of custom message, the default message will be displayed on store, on the registration page, my profile page and add/edit user page.

Introduced Tax Report in VARStreet

  • A new report called tax report has been introduced in VARStreet.
  • To access this Report go to BO>>Reports>>Sales>>Tax Report
  • The report will have various fields including total freight and tax amount charged for every sales order. Following are the fields present in this tax report:
  • Order number, Bill To Address, Ship To Address, State, City, County, Total Amount, Freight, E-Waste, Tax %, Tax Amount.
  • The user can download this report in Excel and CSV format as well as import it into 3rd party applications like QuickBooks.

Modifications to Existing Features

Introduced Ability to Copy Custom Page along with its Sections in New Page Builder

  • Now user can create a new page by copying current page's data in new page builder.
  • A new option to copy page has been introduced in new page builder, which will allow user to duplicate existing landing page including sections and widgets
  • On clicking 'Copy Page' option, system will open a page creation popup where user can enter basic information such as page name, permalink, etc., for the new page.
  • Upon entering all the details, clicking on save button will create a new page. The new page will copy current page's data including sections, widgets, etc

Notes Field in Distributor Setup Page has been updated to Rich Text Field.

  • Now system will display notes field in distributor setup page as rich text editor box. This will allow the users to add hyperlinks as well as format the text as required in the Notes field.
  • User can create headings and paragraphs, bold and italicize fonts, underline phrases, add bullet points, and highlight keywords in Notes field.
  • Also, the character limit of distributor notes field has been increased to 4000 characters.

Fields added in Export File from Quote/SO Listing Page

Following columns (fields) have been added in export wizard file from Quote/SO listing page as well as from tools menu.

  • Ingram Quote No.
  • Tech Data Quote No.
  • Dell Quote No.
  • Cisco Quote No.

To access export wizard file go to--->BO>>Sales>>Quotes>>View All>>Export or BO>>Tools>>Export>>Cart>>Quote>>SO Addition of these fields will allow user to track the quotes which were imported from these distributors/manufacturers.

Introduced Ability to View Customer/Contact List in Accounts Listing Page under CRM Module

  • Customer / Contact toggle link has been introduced in Accounts listing page under CRM module. This will allow user to view and switch between customer and contact list on Account listing page.
  • To access this feature go to BO>>CRM>>Accounts>>Toggle Link
  • With customer/contact toggle link, user can view all contacts under an account. They can also view all customers and contacts assigned to a particular sales rep in VS.
  • System will also display ‘Billing/Shipping address’ and ‘Payment Details’ to all users (resellers) while creating new lead/prospect/opportunity from accounts module.

General Bug Fixes

Closed SO Reopens after adding new items in PO

Before Release

Previously, a closed SO was reopening after adding new items in PO with different quantity. To be precise, SO status was changing from Closed to Draft after adding new items in PO.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now SO status will remain closed even after adding new items in PO with different quantity.

Difference in Freight Amount in Freight calculator and Transaction

Before Release

Previously there was difference in freight amount in freight calculator and transaction for both USA and Canada customers.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now system will show same freight amount in freight calculator and transaction for both USA and Canada customers.

Guest Users Able to Request Quote Despite "Show RFQ link in my store" Flag is Off on Responsive Store

Before Release

Previously, system was showing "Request a Quote" button on Responsive store for guest users even though Cart does not contains zero price products and "Show RFQ link in my store" flag is off.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now system will show a 'Request a Quote' button on Responsive store for guest users only if cart contains zero price products and "Show RFQ link in my store" flag is ON.

User Unable to Remove Credit Card from BackOffice under Business Rules

Before Release

Previously user was unable to uncheck any credit card from VS-BO under Business Rules despite not selecting any credit card payment method.

After Release

  • The issue has been fixed. Now user can uncheck all credit cards if the user has not enabled the “Credit Card” payment method in VS-BO under Business Rules.
  • In case the user has enabled the 'Credit Card' payment method and if user unchecks any credit card, the system will