VARStreet Release Note - Version 23.2

Published on Monday, 6th September 2021


Introduced Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Functionality on Latest Version of Store

  • In order to activate RMA functionality on latest version of store, user has to first activate the flags in BackOffice in Business Rule, Store Setup and at Customer Level.
  • User can also define 'Return Policies', 'Return Duration', 'Product is Returnable or Not' from BackOffice and Store Setup.

On Store

  • The end-customer can request a return for any item from the shipped, partially shipped and manually closed SO.
  • On clicking 'My Account', the customer has to access order list and open any shipped or partial shipped order.
  • On order preview there will be a checkbox before the line item if it is satisfying the return condition and eligible for return.
  • The end customer has the flexibility to apply return for multiple line items in the same SO. Just select line items using checkbox and click on return button.
  • On clicking the 'Return Button', the customer will be redirected to Return form where in the customer has to fill return details in data fields like Return reason, Return quantity, Serial number, Product condition, and Comments.
  • There will be a subsection in the form wherein the customer has to enter pickup address.
  • After filling up the form and on clicking submit button, the system will validate the form for any errors. If everything is correct, system will apply for a return for the line items and a success message will be displayed and the customer is redirected back to order preview.
  • Notifications will be sent to Contact and its respective Sales Rep when the user submit the return on store.

To View Already Applied Return Requests

  • In order to view already applied return requests, a new menu called "My Returns" has been introduced in 'My Account'
  • On clicking 'My Returns', the system will display the list of all return requests.
  • The list contains information like order number, return date, customer contact info, status, etc., available in the 'Return Request'.
  • The customer can open any 'Return Request' by simply clicking its Order Number.

Implementation of Level 3 Integration for Payroc in VARStreet

  • Level 3 integration for Payroc has been implemented in VARStreet. Level 3 credit card (CC) processing has been built for Payroc in VARStreet.
  • When credit card has been charged, authorized or preauthorized then in that case VARStreet will automatically populate the required fields and send it to Payroc.
  • This change is applicable in VARStreet BackOffice (BO) and storefront.

Introduced Ability to calculate Discount on Freight

  • Now user can offer discount (in percentage (%)) on freight.
  • The Discount rule has been introduced under "Freight Markup" Rule Type in 'Freight Rules' Page. A new option called "Discount %" has been introduced in 'Calculation Basis' dropdown.
  • To view this functionality go to BO>>Admin>>Rules>>Freight>>Discount Freight Rule
  • Discount percentage will be applied as per the rule on the freight amount received from the carriers like UPS/Fedex/USPS.
  • The total freight amount and the discount applied to it will be displayed in freight calculator screen as well.
  • Additionally a discount field will be introduced in freight calculator wherein the user has the option to define freight in percentage or dollar value at transaction level.

Modifications to Existing Features

Introduced Ability to open Header and Footer Menu Links in the Same Tab on Latest Version of Store

Before Release

Previously when user added links to header menu like “All Brands" and "All "Categories", the links did not open in the same tab, instead the links were opening in the new tab.

After Release

  • Now user has the flexibility to open header and footer menu links in the same tab on Latest Verion of Store.
  • A new flag called 'Open in New Tab" has been introduced for Header and Footer Menu under Store Customization.
  • To access this flag go to eCommerce>>Store>>Customization>>pagebuilder ->Global tab ->Header/Footer Menu>>open any existing Menu where external link is assigned>>Link Tab>>Open in New Tab
  • When this flag is checked then the assigned URL will open in new tab and if flag is unchecked then it opens in the same tab. This flag will be present only when user selects "URL" in link type dropdown and not for any other type.

Added "Out of Stock"Label to Items on 'Product Matrix' Widget

Before Release

Previously "Out of Stock" messages were visible only on Product Details Page.

After Release

Now "Out of Stock" label will also be visible on 'Product Matrix' widget like Product Listing pages.

Introduced Ability to View/Unmask and Edit Credit Card (CC) Number in 'Charge by Credit Card' Page for Closed Quotes/SO

Before Release

Previously user could not access credit card No. for closed quotes/SO in Terms Tab.

After Release

  • Now user can view/unmask and edit credit card (CC) number based on user privilege.
  • If a user has the privilege to unmask Credit Card no in the transactions, then user will be able to view and modify/update credit card number in "Charge by Credit Card" Page.

Bug Fixes

"Send set password link" flag under Store Messages would remain checked while registering on Store

Before Release

Previously when customer was registering using "Register after Approval" method and clicking on "Select your own password" option then by default "Send set password link" flag under Store message would remain checked. As a result, an email was sent to the end customer requesting him to set/change password that he had just entered.

After Release

Now if the customer registers through the "Register after approval" method and clicks on "Select your own password" option while registration from store then the “Send set password link'' checkbox will remain disabled by default.

Tracking Information not Visible on Latest Version of Store

Before Release

While tracking information was showing up in BackOffice on clicking the truck icon, however it did not appear on Store; under My Account>>Order. In short, order level tracking implementation on order preview is missing on Store.

After Release

Order level tracking implementation has been done on Sales order (SO) preview on Store. This will allow customers to view tracking information on Store; under My Account>>Order.