VARStreet Release Note - Version 23.3

Published on Monday, 27th September 2021


Introduced Ability to Hide Action Button on Store

Before Release

Previously the end customer could use the Action button on Store and copy, delete and move shipping/billing addresses in Address Book.

After Release

  • Now user has the flexibility to hide action button on Store. With this functionality user can only view shipping/billing addresses on Store.
  • A new flag called "Hide Action Buttons on Store" has been introduced under customer/contact level at BackOffice.
  • If this flag is checked, then "Actions" and "New" button will not be visible under "My Account" section on Storefront.
  • The 'Bill To' and 'Ship To' address will be in non-editable mode and all the fields will be greyed out. The end customer can only view all the addresses and would not have the ability to edit or delete it.
  • If the admin user creates a new contact on Store, the end customer can pick one of the existing addresses from the list of saved addresses.

Introduced Ability to Make Search Listing Pages such as Brand Pages SEO Friendly (Applicable to Latest responsive store)

Before Release

Previously user could only make custom pages SEO friendly.

After Release

  • Now user can also also make search listing pages such as brand pages SEO friendly.
  • A new tab called "SEO Links" has been introduced in Global Tab under Store Customization.
  • Clicking on this tab will allow user to create search listing pages that have SEO-friendly links. User can also create SEO-friendly meta titles and meta descriptions.
  • Also, the links that are created using the "SEO Links" tab can be assigned to Banner widget, Quick link widget, Group URL widget and Brand matrix widget. So whenever end customers click on any widget elements on Store, they will be redirected to the assigned SEO link.

Introduced Ability to Show Custom Status for Transactions (Quotes)

  • Now user can show custom status for transactions (quotes) as well. For e.g., user can show Quote Status as "Won" when SO is created.
  • With this feature, user can display custom status for any VS existing status. The user defined status will be displayed across BO for the quote.
  • To display custom status user has to map VS status with their own status. The mapped status will replace the existing VS status and will be reflected everywhere
  • To map status go to--->Admin>> Account Settings>> Business Rules>>General Defaults section
  • In the Status Mapping section, fill the required fields to map VS status with custom status.
  • Once it is mapped, system will show Custom status instead of system status in the following pages:
    1. Order Management
    2. Order Management Export File
    3. Dashboard
    4. View all Transactions
    5. View all Transaction Export File
    6. Calendar
    7. CRM-link transaction
    8. CRM - Account Details
    9. Quotation: Awaiting approval
    10. Awaiting Approval Export File
    11. Quote Listing
    12. Quote/Quick Quote(General/Product/Terms/Print/Send Tab Info Bar)
    13. Quote Listing Export File
    14. Quote Preview
    15. Opportunity Details page under Transaction Section
    16. Status History Icon in Quote Listing/Transaction/Order management/Awaiting Approval
    17. Transaction Export from Export Wizard Tool
    18. Notification Rule Module

Changes in Quote and Sales Order Status

  • In the General Tab of Quote, the Close button has been replaced with 'Cancel Quote.
  • When Quote is closed manually from General Tab, user can mark it as "CANCELLED". The 'CANCELLED' status will be visible in BackOffice as well as storefront.
  • In Sales Order under General tab: There will be two buttons "Close Order" and "Cancel Order
  • On clicking the 'Cancel Order' button, system will check whether a PO or any tracking details have been created against it. If 'Yes' system will not allow user to cancel SO and display an alert prompt. Otherwise, system will display "CANCELLED" status stamp at transaction listing page.

Modifications to Existing Features

Introduced Ability to Update Start/End date of Items in Quote using the Pricing Worksheet

  • Now users can use the pricing worksheet to update start /end date of items. This will allow user to change dates of products in bulk. User can select multiple items in a Quote and change their date.
  • Also, if a user leaves either of the date blank in pricing worksheet, it will not wipe out existing date of items in Quote. It will only populate the new date added from pricing worksheet.

Implementation of Tokenized Payment for Payroc Payment Gateway

VARStreet has implemented Payroc tokenization for storefront and BackOffice. Now user can view the token value in Payment Details page under Terms Tab for every credit card transaction.

Bug Fixes

Customer was able to delete mandatory add-ons from Shopping Cart

Before Release

Previously the end customer was able to delete mandatory add-ons that were added in shopping cart along with the original item.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now the end customer cannot delete mandatory add-ons that will be added in shopping cart along with the original item.

Add-on Product marked as Non-Searchable was Accessible to Customer

Before Release

Customer was able to access product details page of add-on products even though they were marked as non-searchable.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now add-on products that are marked as non-searchable will be non-clickable. The end customer will not be able to access their product details page.