VARStreet Release Note - Version 23.7

Published on Monday, 17th January 2022


VARStreet is now integrated with Versapay Payment Gateway

VARStreet business management platform is now integrated with Versapay. With this integration, VARStreet resellers can now authorize and charge credit card payments through Versapay. This integration has been implemented for the storefront as well as in BackOffice. However, VARStreet resellers need to set up a merchant account with Versapay to accept payments through this payment gateway.

Implementation of Single Sign-On Functionality in VARStreet BackOffice for Resellers using Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  • Now resellers using Microsoft Azure active directory can access VARStreet BackOffice using the same active directory login credentials.
  • Users can login to VS BackOffice using their Azure AD credentials through single sign-on. They don’t have to use their VS credentials to login to VS BackOffice.
  • In order to use this feature, user will have to first add the Application Id and Login URL of the App created in IDP (Azure) in VS SSO Setup Page.
  • The SSO Setup page will also have an Object ID column. This is the Object ID of the Azure user that has to be mapped against VS user.
  • To access this SSO Setup page go to BO>>Admin>>Account Profile>>SSO Setup
  • Once the SSO details have been set for the reseller and if he tries to login to BackOffice with the username, then the reseller will be redirected to IDP Azure login page. Here the reseller has to enter their IDP credentials.
  • Next time, if that reseller is already logged into the Azure portal, then the reseller can login into the BackOffice by just entering the username.
  • Whenever the reseller tries to login with username then the system will validate whether the username has any associated Object ID in SSO setup page. If the Object ID is detected then the reseller will be immediately logged into VS BackOffice.
  • The SSO Setup page system will show all the VARStreet BackOffice Active users list (updated user list)

Introduced Ability to Retrieve Estimated Ship Dates from Distributors and Display them in VARStreet BackOffice and on Store

  • Now VARStreet is also fetching estimated ship dates from Tech Data, Ingram Micro, ScanSource, D&H and Synnex and will save them in BackOffice as well as display it on Store in Sales Order.
  • Before receiving the tracking details, users as well as end customers will now know when the orders will be tentatively shipped.
  • The shipping details section in VARStreet BackOffice will be updated with the tracking details once the tracking is available.
  • Also, a new estimated ship date email template has been introduced in VARStreet BackOffice.
  • To view this template go to--> eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>Notification>>Estimated Shipment Notification>>
  • Whenever the estimated ship date is updated then this email notification will be sent to both the user and the end customer.
  • The email notification will be triggered only when the 'Estimated Ship Date Notification' dropdown at Customer Level is set to "Yes".
  • Users whose email ID is entered in "Copy Estimated Ship Date Notification to" textbox (at customer level) will only receive the email notification.
  • 'Estimated Ship Date' will be visible in 'Shipment Tracking' Details as well as on storefront on Sales Order.

Modifications to Existing Feaures

Introduced Ability to Define MSRP/MAP for Specific Distributors

Before Release

Previously the MSRP/MAP pricing was getting applied to all the distributors by default.

After Release

  • Now the user can select the distributors on which MSRP/MAP can be applied.
  • Now the user can select the distributors on which MSRP/MAP can be applied.
  • To access this feature go to---> BO>>Price Profiles>>MAP/MSRP>>New>>List of Included/Excluded Distributors
  • This feature will allow the user to select the distributors to include or exclude while defining MSRP or MAP pricing. By default all active distributors will be shown under included list. Only active distributors will be available in the list for selection.

Introduced Ability to Disable Cart Checkout on Latest Version of Store when Freight Charges are not available

Before Release

Previously end customers could complete checkout if the shipping returns as “As Applicable" for freight.

After Release

  • Now user can disable cart checkout when freight charges are not available/as applicable
  • Now user can disable cart checkout when freight charges are not available/as applicable
  • To access this flag go to BO>>eCommerce>>Setup>>Store>>Transaction Settings>>Disable cart checkout if freight charge is not available
  • When this flag is checked, the end customer cannot complete checkout cart if freight is not available. In other words the end customers cannot complete checkout even if the shipping returns as "Applicable" for freight.

Introduced Ability to Customize Label for "As Applicable" for Freight on Latest Version of Store

  • Now user can define label for "As Applicable" for freight on store.
  • A new field called Label for "'As Applicable' Freight Charge” has been introduced in eCommerce Store Setup
  • To access this field go to BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>Transaction Settings>>As Applicable Freight Charge
  • This functionality will allow users to define label for "As Applicable" Freight Charge
  • The new label defined for freight will be displayed in Cart, Quote and Sales Order Internal as well as customer preview, instead of “As Applicable”.

Bug Fixes

System Retaining the Original Freight Charges even after changing the Shipping Method on Quote

Before Release

Previously when the end customer was changing the shipping method in Quote (with fixed freight) on Store, system was still retaining the original freight charges.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now when the end customer changes the shipping method (with fixed freight) on Store, the freight charges will change accordingly.

Guest User Getting Re-directed to Incorrect Page on Responsive Store

Before Release

Previously on Responsive Store, when a guest user was clicking on "Login for Price", the user was being redirected to login page. Upon entering the login details, user was being redirected to home page, instead of product details page.

After Release

Now on Responsive Store, when a guest user is clicking on 'Login for Price', the user will be redirected to login page. Upon entering the login details, the user will be redirected to product details page.