VARStreet Release Note - Version 24.2

Published on Monday, 2nd May 2022


Length of Phone No. Field Increased to 30 Characters in VARStreet BackOffice as well as Storefront

  • Now the user can add upto 30 characters in phone no. field
  • This change has been implemented on the following pages:
  • The user can send this email to more than one sales rep by adding multiple email IDs separated by semi-colon in CC

VARStreet BackOffice

  • Contact Upload
  • Individual Contact Upload
  • Customer Address Upload
  • Contact Address Upload
  • Address Upload
  • Lead Upload
  • Customer/Contact (Customer Master Create/Update)
  • Address (Customer/Contact Create/Update)
  • Credit Card Address (Customer/Contact Create/Update)
  • Lead/Lead Contact (Under CRM Create/Update)
  • General/Terms/Payment Tab (CART/QUOTE/ORDER)
  • Store Messages

VARStreet Storefront

  • My Profile
  • Company Profile
  • Admin User
  • Address Book
  • Credit Card Address
  • Billing/Shipping Tab(Guest/Login User)
  • Payment Tab
  • Registration

Bug Fixes

RFQ Notification from Store being sent to the Wrong Sales Rep

Before Release

  • Previously the RFQ notification from store was sent to sales rep who was not assigned to that Customer/Contact. This was happening because the customer was still on the same page of cart preview on the storefront until the session expires. Once the session expired then customer/contacts - sales rep details got cleared. As a result, the notification got assigned to default store setup sales rep

After Release

  • The issue has been fixed. Now after clicking on RFQ button, even if the customer stays on the cart preview page until the session expires and even if the customer manually refreshes the page, then notification will not get triggered.

User unable to upload Customer/Contacts whose Zip Code contains Hyphen

Before Release

  • Previously when user was trying to upload Customer/Contacts through ‘Upload’ function they would get an ‘Invalid Zip Code’ error. This was happening because the Zip code had hyphens in it.

After Release

  • This issue has been fixed. Now even if there is hyphen in Zip codes, the user will be able to upload Customer/Contacts successfully through ‘Upload’ function.

Account No. Field not Visible on Distributor Setup Page

Before Release

  • Although the Account Number field was available on distributor listing page, it was not visible on distributor setup page.

After Release

  • Now the Account No. field will not only be visible but also editable on distributor setup page. Also, the updated Account No. will be visible on Distributor listing page.
  • Use Case--> User wanted to change the account no. but there was no option available on distributor setup page. Hence the change

Email Address Corrected in Customer/Contact Profile not reflecting in Store Message in BackOffice

Before Release

  • While registering on store, the end customer entered incorrect email address. When the user corrected the email address in the Customer/Contact profile, it wasn’t reflected in Store Messages under ‘Send’ Tab.

After Release

  • To resolve this issue, a new field called “Current Email” has been introduced in Contact Details section under Store Message.
  • To access this field go to---> BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Store Messages>>Customer Record>>Contact Details>> Current Email
  • This ‘Current Email’ field will show Updated Contact Email Address
  • If Store Message Email and Updated Contact Email is same then the Current Email” field will not be visible.
  • In Store Messages after clicking on Send tab and if ‘No single email sent before’ then
    • If Store Message email and Updated Contact email is not the same then the Store Message Email will be replaced by updated contact email and shown in “To” Field
    • If Store Message Email and Updated Contact Email is same then Store Message Email will be shown in ‘To’ Field.
  • In Store Messages after clicking on Send tab and if emails are already sent then the system will show only those emails which were sent previously.

End Customer is able to search and order products that are not part of their Store Catalog

Before Release

  • Previously, the end customer was able to find and order products that were excluded from their store catalog. This was happening because when the user was creating new catalog from another catalog in VARStreet BackOffice, the “Search to be Based on” option was not getting copied correctly.

After Release

  • The issue has been fixed. Now when the user is creating new catalog from another catalog in VARStreet BackOffice, ‘the Search to be Based on” option will get copied correctly. This will ensure that end customers are able to order products that are only part of their Store catalog.