VARStreet Release Note - Version 24.7

Published on Monday, 17th October 2022


Introduced Functionality to Select and Add ‘Freight Terms’ to BlueStar Purchase Order (PO)

  • Now user can select and add freight terms to BlueStar purchase order (PO).
  • A new dropdown field has been introduced in BlueStar distributor setup page. This field is also now available in Terms Tab of Purchase Order of BlueStar distributor and in order placement of BlueStar PO’s (in XML).
  • To access this field go to
  • This is a mandatory field that will allow user to select a default value from a list of ‘Freight Terms’.
  • User can select ‘Freight terms’ options like Freight Free, Freight Exempt, Discount Prepaid and Add, Bill Third party (if FedEx 3rd party freight account number is to be used) and more.
  • Value populated in BlueStar Distributor Setup Page will be by default populated in Purchase Order, with user having the ability to further change the value from Terms Tab for respective PO.

Introduced Ability to Add Facebook Meta Tag on the Website’s Source Code (Latest Version of Store)

  • Now user can add Facebook meta tags on the website’s source code
  • A new ‘Facebook’ field has been introduced in Store Setup under SEO Section Amount.
  • To access this feature go to
    --->BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>SEO>>Site Verification>>Facebook
  • This is a non-mandatory field wherein the user can enter alpha numeric characters.
  • Facebook meta tag will be shown on the entire store’s source code.

Use Case--> This will allow user to share their website content in proper format on Facebook. Whenever any web page is shared on Facebook, the user will only see the post title and none of the unnecessary text.

Modifications to Existing Features

Changes to Colorado Retail Delivery Fee (RDF) rule

  • Now system will exclude all products under Software category while calculating Colorado RDF.
  • If after excluding products under software category, there exists a hardware product in transaction which is taxable then only Colorado RDF will be applied, else it will be set to Zero.
  • VARStreet (VS) will not consider products with below sub categories (without below mentioned keyword in item description) while calculating Colarado RDF
    • Education & Training
    • Services
    • Hardware Licensing
    • Software
    • Software Licensing
    • Software Suite
  • VARStreet (VS) will consider products with above subcategories for calculating Colarado RDF only if they contain any of the keywords in part descriptions
    • CD
    • DVD
    • CD/DVD
    • DISC
    • KIT
    • MEDIA
  • This means even if the products belong to the software category, however if their descriptions contain keywords like CD, DVD, DISC etc., then these products will be considered for calculating Colarado RDF.

Now End Customers can also Login by only using their Email Domain on the Latest Version of Store

Before Release

  • Previously end customers had to enter username/email ID and password to log into the Store

After Release

  • Now end customers can log into their store using just email domain if domain based login is allowed under store setup.
  • A new flag called “Login Using Email Domain” has been introduced in eCommerce Store Setup. User will have to activate the flag. User will also have to check “Allow Login using Email Domain” flag at Customer Level and then enter all the Domain names for email login.
  • Once it is done, user can see the ‘Login using Email Domain’ option on Store

Dashboard Enhancements

  • In Grid widget, user can now sort the order of the data in every column. User can either sort data in ascending /descending order as well as alphabetically and numerically. Except the ‘Amount’ column, you can sort order of the other columns available in Grid widget.

Now User can Write Customer-Specific ‘Terms and Conditions’ (T&C) for Transactions (Cart, Quote, SO)

Before Release

  • Previously user could write ‘Terms and Conditions’ (T&C) that were store-specific under ‘Business Rules’.

After Release

  • Now user has the flexibility to write customer-specific ‘Terms and Conditions’ (T&C) for transactions (Cart, Quote, SO)
  • A new field (rich text editor) has been introduced for Terms and Conditions at Customer Level under Customer Master.
  • This will allow the user to write Terms and Conditions that are applicable to that particular customer.
  • T&C new field will also be available for Individual Contact (Contact without Company). If a contact is associated with a company then T&C field will not be available at contact level.
  • This new T&C field will also be available for Individual Contact (Contact without Company). If a Contact is associated with a Company then T&C field will not be available at contact level.
  • T&C field will also be available in Customer & Contact Upload Wizard File.
  • If a customer doesn’t have T&C then current default T&C under Business Rules will be populated in Cart, Quote and SO.