VARStreet Release Note - Version 24.8

Published on Monday, 14th November 2022


Introduced Cost Centre Feature on the Latest Version of Store

  • Now user can enable ‘Cost Center’ feature for any specific customer via backoffice.
  • This will allow user to create ‘Cost Center’ for Cart/Quote on Store.
  • InBackOffice, at customerlevelunder configurationsection, four newoptions associatedwithCostCenter have been introduced. They are givenbelow
    • No Cost Center Required
    • Selected from a set of pre-defined Cost Centers
    • Enter Cost Centers infree-form
    • Show all Cost Centers
  • If 2nd, 3rd or 4th option is selected, user will see two or more options in VARStreet BackOffice which are given below:
    • Cost Center per document
    • Cost Center is Mandatory
  • To enable ‘cost center’ feature on store, user will have to select the 2nd, 3rd or 4th option. Once any of these options are checked, the user will see ‘Cost Center’ tab on Store under ‘My Accounts’.
  • Cost Center dropdown field has also been introduced in ‘My Profile’ page on Store.
  • Clicking on this ‘Cost Center’ tab on store will redirect the user to ‘Cost Center’ page on store. Here you have the option to create a new cost center or delete existing one.
  • Once you have defined the cost center with the appropriate name, the user can assign it to multiple contacts.
  • If the 2nd option (Selected from a set of pre-defined Cost Centers) is checked, user can select from a set of pre-defined cost centers for transaction on Store.
  • If the 3rd option (Enter Cost Centers in free-form) is checked, user can create a new cost center in real time during checkout on Store.
  • If the 4th option (Show all Cost Centers) is checked on Store, user can see all the cost centers under ‘Cost Center’ tab.
  • If the “Cost Center per document” option is selected, the user will only see one cost center for the entire document (Cart/Quote)
  • If the “Cost Center per document” option is unchecked, the user will see cost center per line item in the Cart. This means if there are 5 items in the Cart, there will be one cost center for every item.

Introduced Approval Workflow feature on the latest version of Store

  • Now admin users can create workflows to approve quotes and carts on store.
  • Admin users can create approval workflows (serial or parallel) for requesters, buyers, contacts and even other admins.
  • Once the approval workflow has been created, buyers can cannot submit cart/quote without the approval of the admin user.
  • Two checkboxes called “Approval onConfirmation” and “Allow ApprovertoEdit Line Items” have also been introduced in approval.
  • Ifthe ‘Approval on Confirmation” checkbox has been checked, the buyer can add address, shipping method and payment details before sending the cart/quote
  • If “Allow Approver to edit line items” checkbox has been checked, the admin user can remove the items while approving
  • The admin user can define multiple stages while creating an approval workflow.
  • Each stage will have an approver and rule, which can either be order value rule or cost center rule.
  • While creating the order value, the admin user will have to enter order range on which the approval wokflow will be applied.
  • While creating the ‘Cost Center’ rule, the admin user will have to select the cost centers from the available list on which the approval workflow will be applied.

Modifications to Existing Features

Introduced Ability to Enter and Edit Start and End Date Manually on all Reports

Before Release

  • Previously, user had to click on 'Calendar' icon and select the date from the calendar to enter and edit start and end date on all reports.’.

After Release

  • Now user can manually enter and edit start and end date on all reports. This includes CRM reports as well as those in the ‘Reports’ module

Introduced Ability to Exclude Freight/Handling Amount and/or Tax Amount while calculating Lease Amount (For both US and Canada resellers)

Before Release

  • Previously, by default, lease amount was calculated on the total amount which included tax amount as well as freight and handling amount.

After Release

  • Now user can decide whether to include freight/handling amount and/or tax amount while calculating lease amount.
  • A new flag called “Exclude from Lease Amount Calculation” has been introduced in ‘Set Lease Options’ page quote.
  • Once it is done, user can see the ‘Login using Email Domain’ option on StoreTo access this flag goto
    ---->BO>>Admin>>Account Settings>>Business Rules>>Set Lease Options>>Exclude from Lease Amount Calculation.
  • This flag will have two options:
    • Freight / HandlingAmount
    • Tax Amount
  • If the option “Tax Amount” is checked, lease amount will be calculated on subtotal with tax amount excluded. In other words, lease amount will be calculated by excluding EHF (Canada users) and even delivery fee.
  • If the option “Freight/Handling Amount” is checked, lease amount will be calculated on subtotal with freight amount excluded.

Bug Fixes

Unable to search sales order (SO) on Listing Page using SO amount

Before Release

  • Whilesearching sales orderinBackOffice onSOlisting page using amount value, the userwas adding ‘$’ sign, due towhichthe search functionality was notworking.

After Release

  • This issuehas beenfixed. Nowonlistingpage, user cansearchsales order/quote/cart/POwith‘$’,“,”(comma)and“.”(dot)added to the amount.

System is creating multiple Quotes when a user clicks ‘Request Quote’ Button multiple times on Latest Version of Store

Before Release

  • Previously, system was creating Quote multiple times in BackOffice if a user clicks ‘Request Quote’ or ‘Get a Quote’ button multiple times on Store

After Release

  • Now even if the end-customer is clicking ‘Request Quote’ or ‘Get a Quote’ button multiple times, system doesn’t create duplicate quotes in backoffice.