VARStreet Release Note - Version 25

Published on Monday, 16th January 2023


Introduced Budget-based Approval Workflow on Latest Version of Store

  • Now admin user can create approval workflow based on budget on store.
  • The cart will require approval if the selected budget in the cart has an approval workflow.
  • A new checkbox called ‘budget’ has been introduced under ‘Action Types’ in approval workflow.
  • While creating a new approval workflow, the user will have to click this ‘budget’ checkbox and then select budget from the list of available budgets.
  • Budgets that have expired or assigned to other approval workflows will not be visible in the list.
  • After selecting the budget, the user can select the rule and the approver, who will approve the cart/quote.
  • While placing order, the user selects the budget in the cart. If the selected budget has an approval workflow, the cart will have to be sent for approval. The ‘Send for Approval’ button will be visible in the cart.

Modifications to Existing Features

Changes in Export Function of data from VARStreet BackOffice

Before Release

  • User could run a report and download it from VARStreet but in case of reports with more than 2000 records in it, the report would hang or fail to download.

After Release

  • If there are more than 2000 records in all the reports, then the user exporting the data will receive an email containing the ‘download’ link. Upon clicking the ‘download’ link, the user will be able to download the report and save it on their computer.

Bug Fixes

Technical Specifications not getting copied while Copying a Custom Catalog Product

Before Release

  • Previously when user was copying a custom catalog product using the ‘Copy’ function to create a new product, the technical specification of that product was not being copied.

After Release

  • The issue has been fixed. Now whenever user copies a custom catalog product using the ‘Copy’ function, all the attributes of that product including the technical specifications will get copied.

‘Ship To’ Address Not Getting Copied on Quote Despite Checking ‘Show Shipping Address’ checkbox

Before Release

  • Previously while copying a Quote, the ‘Ship To’ address was not getting copied, even after checking the ‘Show Shipping Address’ checkbox on Quote

After Release

  • The issue has been fixed. Now while copying a quote, the ‘Ship To’ address will get copied once the ‘Show Shipping Address’ checkbox has been checked on quote.

System Not Calculating e-Waste Recycling Fees on the Latest Version of Store for $0 price Products

Before Release

  • Whenever user was adding $0 price products in cart, system was not showing e-Waste recycling fees on store and BackOffice.

After Release

  • The issue has been fixed. Now whenever user adds $0 price products in cart, system will show and correctly calculate e-Waste recycling fees on Store and BackOffice.