VARStreet Release Note - Version 25.2

Published on Monday, 27th February 2023


Introduced ‘Customer Response’ Feature on the Latest Version of Store

  • Customer response feature has been introduced on store.
  • With this feature, the user can create engaging questionnaire on Store to get responses from customers and gain valuable insights about them.
  • A new tab called “Customer Response” has been introduced under Admin>>Suggestions in VARStreet BackOffice.
  • Under the ‘Customer Response’ tab, user can create questionnaire for their customers.
  • User can decide for which store, product, category, sub-category and manufacturer the questionnaire should appear. User has the option to show questionnaire for all the products and stores.
  • Upon clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button, the questionnaire popup will immediately appear in front of the screen.
  • User also has the option to show the questionnaire on product details page and make it mandatory.
  • User can also decide the format of the Questionnaire. There are different options like Single-line Text, Multi-line Text, Pick List, Select Multiple Options (Check Box), Select One Option (Radio Button), Select Multiple Products (Check Box) and Select One Product (Radio Button)

Introduced ‘Search’ Function on User Listing Page of BackOffice

  • Now user can easily search users in User Listing Page
  • A new ‘search’ box called “Search in this list for” has been introduced in User Listing Page. With this functionality, user will be able to search user by first name, last name, Email ID, username, title, initials and role.
  • To access this feature go to----> BO>>Admin>>Account Profile>>User>>Search feature

Introduced Ability to Import Quotes from TD Synnex into VARStreet Platform

  • Now users that are connected to TD Synnex can directly import quote from TD Synnex portal in VARStreet Quote.
  • User has to enter Client ID, Client Secret and Customer Number in TD Synnex setup Page to complete the setup. Once these credentials are entered in the setup page, user can start using this functionality.
  • A new flag called “Import Quote” has been introduced in TD Synnex distributor page. On clicking this flag, the feature will get activated.
  • Estimate IDs of already imported ‘Quote estimates’ will be displayed in dropdown in Quote info section.
  • A new link called ‘Import TD Synnex Quote” has been introduced in “Import Quote Wizard: Import Line Items”
  • To view this go to Quote>>Products Tab>>Import Quote>>Import TD Synnex Quote.
  • On clicking this link, user will have to enter quote no. (TD Synnex Quote#) to import quote.
  • System will import product data from TD Synnex as it is if the product is not available in the VARStreet catalog.
  • System stamps the Manufacturer Name for products from VARStreet’s Catalog when same product is available in VARStreet catalog.
  • When product is imported from TD Synnex, system shows “Added from TD Synnex” in the “Notes” and “Internal Remarks” at Line Item level respectively.

Modifications to Existing Features

Introduced Additional Link to Download Sample File in Excel File Format in all Download Pages

  • A new link called “Download Excel file format” has been introduced in all download pages. This will allow user to download sample file that is to be uploaded with right information in excel file format.
  • This feature will make it easier for users to upload the information.

Introduced ‘Captcha Flag before Checkout’ for Guest Users on the Latest Version of Store

  • Now guest users will see Captcha at Payments Tab before checkout
  • A new flag called “Show Captcha before Checkout” has been introduced under eCommerce Store Setup
  • To access this flag go to--->BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>Guest User Settings>>Show Captcha before Checkout
  • When this flag is checked, guest users will see captcha at payment details tab before checkout.
  • The guest users will have to complete the captcha test before placing any order.