VARStreet Release Note - Version 25.6

Published on Monday, 24th July 2023


Introduced Changes in ‘Lead to Customer’ Conversion Flow from Quote in VARStreet BackOffice

  • On clicking ‘Convert lead to customer’ link in the general tab of Quote, the following extra activities will be performed:
    • Assign Opportunities from the lead to the new customer
    • Assign Documents from the lead to the new customer
    • Assign Activities from the lead to the new customer
  • This will ensure that changes in ‘lead status’ in the general tab of Quote will be automatically reflected in the CRM module.

Introduced Single Page Checkout on the Latest Version of Store (Classic Theme Only)

Before Release

  • Previously, only three page checkout (default shopping cart layout) was available on Store

After Release

  • A new shopping cart layout called ‘Single Page Checkout’ has been introduced on Store.
  • To view this new layout go to BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Customization>>Customize>>Global>>Custom Layouts>>Shopping Cart>>Single Page Layout
  • In this new layout, all the tabs of the shopping cart will be displayed on the same page and will be labeled as follows:
    • Shopping Cart Accordion
    • Address Accordion
    • Payment Accordion
  • User can migrate from one accordion to another accordion using ‘Continue Checkout’ button. User can migrate from Payment accordion to Shopping Cart accordion by clicking on the button.

Introduced Ability to Specify Order Value Threshold for applying Credit Card (CC) processing fees in Backoffice and Storefront

  • Now user can specify order value threshold for applying credit card processing fees to any transaction (Cart & Quote) in Backoffice under CC Authorizer
  • A new non-mandatory field called ‘Order Threshold’ has been introduced in “Credit Card Processing Fee” Section under CC Authorizer.
  • To access this field go to BO>>Admin>>Account Profile>>CC Authorizer>>
  • Card processing fees will get automatically applied whenever the transaction value is equal to or beyond the order value.
  • For instance, if the order value threshold is $1000, anything that is purchased above $1000 will incur credit card processing fee.
  • In case the order value is not specified, credit card processing will get applied to every transaction.
  • P.S.---> This feature is available only if the flag “Charge Credit Card Processing Fee on Transaction” is checked in CC Authorizer page

Modifications to Existing Features

Changes in Approval Workflow for Requester User on the Latest Version of Store

Before Release

  • Previously ‘Accept CC email’ flag in ‘Approval Workflow’ was visible only when ‘Approval on Confirmation’ flag is checked. As a result, the user could not see the ‘Accept CC email’ popup if the ‘Approval on Confirmation’ flag was not checked.

After Release

  • In Approval workflow detail page the “Accept the CC email “ will show “i“ icon next to it.
  • “i“ icon will have message as “Requester will see the CC Email popup on Items Tab of Shopping Cart”
  • “Accept CC email” flag will be visible irrespective of ‘Approval on confirmation’ flag is checked or unchecked.
  • On Store when Requester user moves to item tab and click on ‘Send for Approval’ button then system will show ‘’Approval CC Mail” popup ( For request user approval workflow should be added).
  • Now requester user will be able to see ‘Send for Approval’ button under Items tab of Cart, irrespective of whether ‘Approval on confirmation’ flag is checked or unchecked.

Use Case.---> Requester user was not able to see ‘Send for Approval’ button in approval workflow under Items tab of Cart. The button was visible under Payments Tab of Cart. This was happening because ‘Approval on confirmation’ flag was checked. Now even if this flag is checked/unchecked, the ‘Send for Approval’ button will be visible under ‘Items’ tab of Cart.

Bug Fixes

Default conversion of Guest User to Registered Contact in BackOffice

Before Release

  • Previously, when a guest user was submitting a cart on store and when the sales rep was opening the cart in Backoffice, the system was showing guest user as registered contact under General Tab of Cart.

After Release

  • The issue has been fixed. Now when guest user submits the cart, the system will also show it as guest user in Backoffice. The sales rep can click the ‘Click here to add new Contact’ and then add the details to convert the guest user as registered contact.