VARStreet Release Note - Version 26.4

Published on Monday, 1st April 2024


Introduced Single Sign-on Feature on Store for Microsoft Users

  • Single sign-on feature has been implemented for Microsoft users on the Store.
  • A new flag called “Login to Store using Single Sign-on” has been introduced on the eCommerce store setup page.
  • To access this flag go to BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>Registration Section>>Login to Store using Single Sign-on>>Microsoft
  • Every Microsoft account user has a Client ID. Enter the Client ID in the field that is adjacent to the flag.
  • Once the Client ID is entered and the flag is checked, the user will be able to see the “Sign in Using Microsoft” icon on the Login page of Storefront.
  • On clicking the icon, a popup appears where the Microsoft users have to enter their login credentials. Once these credentials are verified by the system, the user will be able to log into the store.
  • In case the contact is not created in the back-office, the system will create individual contact in the back-office in real-time, so that the user can log into the store.

Modifications to Existing Features

VARStreet is now displaying Titles from the Cart / Quote /Sales Order (SO) Listing Page on the Storefront

  • On the Storefront, the ‘Title’ Column has been added to the Cart, Quotes, and Sales Order (SO) Listing Pages under ‘My Account’.
  • When the user adds Text in the Title field in the BackOffice under the General Tab of Cart, Quote, and Sales Order, then that text will be displayed in the Title field on the Storefront. If the Title is more than 25 characters, then it will be displayed on the Tool Tip on the Store.
  • The Title will also be visible in the Cart/Quote/Sales Order (SO) Listing pages under the ‘Title’ Column on the Store.

Bug Fixes

System not showing Configuration Product on Clicking the Header/Footer Menu

Before Release

  • Previously, whenever any user was linking a configuration product on the header/footer menu in BO, then on clicking the header/footer menu on the Store, the system was showing either a blank page or a regular product. The configuration product was not visible on clicking the menu.

After Release

  • The issue has been fixed. Now whenever any user links any configuration product on the header/footer menu in BO then on clicking the header/footer menu on the Store, the system will show the configuration product.