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VARStreet Release Note - Version 18.3

Published on Saturday, 13th Jan 2018


Introduced Sitemap Generator in Responsive Store

Introduced Site Map generator feature under “SEO” tab in Store Setup of responsive store which will allow user to generate XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Bing and other search engines to help them crawl and index the store.

To Access Sitemap Generator go to ->

Introduced Approval Workflow on Responsive Store.

Approval workflow has been introduced for Responsive store. Now end customer will be able to define Order Value & Cost Centre based Approval workflow on Responsive store.

Introduced Icon for Punch-out on Customer/Contact listing page in BackOffice.

Introduced an icon for punch-out contact on listing page in BackOffice to identify contact for whom the punch-out is configured.

Modifications to Existing Features

Introduced flag to control Payment and Shipment methods displayed on Responsive Store.

Before Release

Previously, ‘Allowed Payment and Shipment Methods’ were visible by default on Responsive Store.

After Release

A new flag called ‘Show allowed Payment and Shipment Methods in my Account’ has been introduced in Store Setup of Responsive Store. When this flag is unchecked, allowed Payment and Shipment methods will not be visible to the end customer on Responsive store.

To access this flag go to
BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>rstore>>Display>>Show allowed payment and shipment method in my account

Use Case -Now user can decide whether to show allowed payment and shipment methods to end customers

Introduced ‘Comments’ Feature for Guest Users.

Before Release

Previously, guest user could not add any comments in Shopping Cart.

After Release

A new Text field called ‘Add Comments’ has been added in Items Tab on Store. This will allow guest users to add comments in Shopping Cart.

Introduced Set Sort Order and Default view of Search Result for Responsive Store

Before Release

Previously, there was no provision to set sort order and search result view for Responsive store.

After Release

A new flag called ‘Search Result Sort Order’ and ‘Search Result View’ has been introduced in Store Setup of Responsive Store.

To access this flag go to: BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>rstore>>Search>>

‘Search Result Sort Order’, ‘Search Result View’

Use Case -Now using the flag, user can decide what default sort order and search result view to set for Responsive store.

Introduced Ability to Calculate Sales Rep Commissions for Different Stores

A new column for “Sub-Total” have been introduced in Reports:

Before Release

Previously, there was no provision to calculate sales rep commissions by store.

After Release

2 new filters (drop-down fields) called ‘Sales Person’ and ‘Store’ have been introduced in Commissions Report. This will allow user to calculate sales rep commissions by store.

To access this field go to--BO>>Reports>>Sales>>Commission Report

General Bug Fixes

On Responsive Store, the "Continue Shopping" Button in the Checkout Page was not Responsive.

Before Release

On Responsive Store, “Continue Shopping” button was not responsive.

After Release

We have fixed the bug. “Continue Shopping” button is now responsive and will display properly in all the devices.