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VARStreet Release Note - Version 22.5

Published on Monday, 22nd March 2021


Introduced additional records selection of (100, 200) to be listed on Opportunity View Page and Link Transaction Listing Page in CRM Module

Before Release

Previously user could view only up to 50 records at one time in opportunity view details page and link transaction listing page under CRM module.

After Release

Now user can view 100, 200 records as per their selection. Now user can view up to 200 records at one time in opportunity view page and link transaction listing page under CRM module.

To access this enhancement go to BO>>CRM>>Opportunities>>Opportunity ID>>Link Transaction listing page

Use Case

With this feature user can view all the quotes on link transaction table in an opportunity on one screen.

Images of Custom Catalog Products will be displayed in custom catalog product listing page in BackOffice.

  • VARStreet has done a change to display images of custom catalog products on custom catalog listing page in VARStreet BO, provided the images are available for the products. Subsequently, these images will be displayed on store. The component list as well as the subgroup list will also have images.

Modifications to Existing Features

Images will be Displayed for Configuration Products if Available

Before Release

Previously, there was no provision to display images for configuration products in VARStreet BO (Configuration product listing page).

After Release

Now the images will be displayed provided the product images are available for configuration in configuration listing page in VARStreet BO. Subsequently, these images will be displayed on store.

Added asterix to custom distributor name to differentiate it from VARStreet Distributors on Transactions in BackOffice

  • Now in order to distinguish custom/local distributors from VARStreet distributors, custom distributor name will be followed by an asterix (*) in sourcing dropdown on transactions (Cart/Quote/SO)

General Bug Fixes

Discontinued Products are Still Showing Up under Product Suggestions on Storefront

Before Release

Even after discontinuing the products from store and enabling the flag "show only those product whose stock is available" in BO, the end customer could easily view them under product suggestions on new store and responsive store.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now depending upon whether the "show only those products whose stock is available" flag is active or inactive, products under suggestions and similar products will be shown in product details page and cart item page on new store and responsive store.