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VARStreet Release Note - Version 22.7

Published on Monday, 24th May 2021


Introduced Ability to Capture Shipping and Billing Address in 'Get a Quote' Popup on Store

Before Release

Previously guest user on Responsive store as well as on latest version of store could submit a quote without entering address details. The guest user could submit quotes by simply entering his name and phone no.

After Release

  • New address fields have been introduced on storefront to capture shipping and billing address.
  • For guest users, these fields will appear blank. For registered users, these fields will be populated with their default address.

Customers can be authorized prior to them viewing and Confirming Quote using Quote/Cart Link in Email

Before Release

Previously there was no authorization for user (end customer) before viewing and confirming the quote using quote/cart link in email.

After Release

  • Now user (end customer) will be authenticated using 'Email Id' and 'Token' before he can view and confirm the quote using quote/cart link in email.
  • This Authentication feature will allow the system to identify the person who has viewed and confirmed the quote
  • A new flag called "Authenticate User for confirming cart/quote" has been introduced in Business Rules under 'General Defaults' Tab
  • To access this flag go to--->BO>>Admin>>Account Settings>>Business Rules>>General Defaults>>Authenticate User for confirming cart/quote
  • When this flag is activated (ON) and user opens a View Quote/Cart link through email then system will display Transaction Authentication pop up window to user.
  • The pop up will display an email id field which will accept an email id used by sales person while sending a quotation to that user.
  • The email ids entered in To, CC and BCC email field of quotation will be considered as valid email id for generating a Token.
  • Once the email id has been entered and user clicks on 'Generate Token' button then system will send an email notification containing the 'Token' to the user. Along with that the token field will get enabled on pop up.
  • Once the user enters a valid email id and Token No., and clicks on Validate Token button then pop up will close and user will be able to proceed with the transaction.
  • An Authentication notification email template has also been introduced under Notifications. This authentication notification email will get triggered when user clicks on 'Generate Token' button in Transaction Authentication popup.

Ability to Download Cart/Quote/SO in PDF, HTML and Word Doc. Format

Before Release

Previously user had to send the cart/quote/SO to himself in order to receive the cart/quote/SO as an attachment.

After Release

  • Now user can easily download open and closed transactions (Cart/Quote/SO) through a Download Button that has been introduced in InfoBar of Send Tab and Preview of Cart/Quote/SO.
  • On click of Download button, system will display three options; PDF, Word Doc and HTML.
  • If you click the PDF option, a popup window with options "Customer PDF Copy" and "Internal PDF Copy" will be displayed.
  • Similarly, if you click the HTML option, a popup window with options "Customer HTML Copy" and "Internal HTML Copy" will be displayed.
  • As per the selection, system will download the document.

Modifications to Existing Features

Implemented Postal Code Validation against City and Province for Canada

Before Release

Previously there was no validation when entering postal code, city name and province for Canada country. For instance, user could type postal code L3R8C7 under province Alberta, which was wrong.

After Release

  • Now system will validate postal code against province and city name for Canada country. System will not allow user to enter incorrect postal code for any province in Canada. This is applicable only for BO, Responsive store and latest version of store.
  • Now Postal code will be validated in various modules such as Customer Master, CRM, Quote/SO/PO/Cart, PunchOut Transaction Log, Company Profile, User, Distributors & Tax Settings, Upload Wizard File, Registration Module, etc.

Mfr. Part No. of Bundle Components will not be clickable if Components are not available in store Catalog

Before Release

Whenever customer was clicking on Mfr. Part No. of bundle components that were excluded from store catalog, system was showing "'Product is not found'' message.

After Release

Mfr. Part No. of bundle components will be clickable only when the components are present in store catalog.

Introduced Ability to Create Quotes from Sales Order (SO)

Now user can create quotes directly from SO.
A new option called "Copy to Create Quote" has been introduced in SO.
This will allow user to generate a quote from the existing SO.

Now the copy option on the sales order (SO) will have the following 3 options:

  • Copy to create Sales order
  • Copy to create Quote
  • Copy only line items.

Introduced Ability to Import Cisco Estimate with Groups

Before Release

Previously user could only import quote items not their groups from Cisco portal.

After Release

  • Now user can import quote item groups as well from Cisco portal.
  • A new link called "CISCO Estimate with group" has been introduced in 'Import Quote Items' button
  • On clicking this link, system will import quote items along with their groups. The group will be imported as group header.

Introduced 'Favorite Grouping' Feature on Store

'Favorite grouping' feature has now been implemented on store.

On both My Favorite/Company Favorites screens

  • There will be a list of products already added into favorite groups, grouped by group name
  • There is an action dropdown consisting of "Add to Group", "Move to Group" and "Delete" options
  • There is a button to create new group with label "Create New Group”
  • There is a dropdown with options "View all Products", "View By category", "View BY Manufacturer" and all available group names

General Bug Fixes

Cart Checkout Not Working on Mobile Browsers

Before Release

Due to cross-domain cookie problem, previously customers could not add products into cart using Safari browser on iPhone.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now customer can add products into cart using Safari browser on iPhone as well as using other Android browsers.

Configuration Product Category not showing while defining Category-based Freight/Handling Rules

Before Release

Configuration products added in Custom Catalog were not visible while defining freight/handling rules for category/subcategory. Configuration product category was missing while creating category-based freight/handling rules.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now configuration product category will be visible while defining category-based freight/handling rules.