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VARStreet Release Note - Version 23.0

Published on Monday, 26th July 2021


VARStreet is now Integrated with Payroc Payment Gateway

  • VARStreet is now integrated with Payroc payment gateway. Payroc payment gateway has been introduced as a new Credit Card Authorizer for both US and Canada users. VARStreet users can now use Payroc payment gateway for processing Credit card payment.
  • Payroc payment gateway integration with VARStreet provides ability to Charge, Authorize and Pre-Authorization completion. This integration has been implemented for storefront as well as in BackOffice (BO).
  • To use this feature go to BO>>Admin>>Account Profile>>CC Authorizer>>Payroc

Introduced 'View Details' Link for Product-based Pages on Responsive Store

Before Release

Previously the end-customer was clicking on product description to view details of the product on Responsive Store.

After Release

  • 'View Details' link has been introduced on product-based pages for Responsive Store. Clicking on this link will allow users to view details of the product.
  • A new flag called 'Show View Details link on store' has been introduced under Store > Setup > Display page in BackOffice. When this flag is checked, the end customer can see the 'View Details' link on Responsive store.
  • To view this Flag go to------> BO>>eCommerce>>Store>>Setup>>R-store>>Display>>Show View Details Link on Store

Modifications to Existing Features

"Select Province" option will be the Default Value for Province Field in Shopping Cart

Before Release

Previously Alberta was the default value for State/Province Field in Shopping Cart CheckOut page.

After Release

  • Now "Select Province" will be the default value for Province Field in Shopping Cart CheckOut page. This will enable the customers to select appropriate province from the dropdown while cart checkout.
  • Similarly for USA customers, "Select State" will be the default value for State Field on Shopping Cart CheckOut page.
    • This change has been implemented on the following pages on store:

    • Registration Page
    • Get a Quote Popup Page
    • MyProfile - Billing/Shipping tab Page
    • Address book - Add/ edit Page
    • Company Profile Page
    • Administer User - Add/ Edit Page
    • Cart - Billing/ Shipping tab Page
    • Cart - Payment tab Page

No Hyperlink for Bundle Components which are not available on Store

Before Release

Previously bundle components that were not present in store catalog had hyperlinks on store. On clicking these hyperlinks, the end customer was redirected to '404 Not found' Error.

After Release

Now if bundle components are not present in store catalog, then there will be no hyperlink to click and view the product on store.

Bug Fixes

Restricted ability to Delete Price List which is set as base Price List in Other Price List

Before Release

Previously if price list was set as base price list (Derive Price List from) for some other price list, it could still be deleted which was creating issues in price calculation for products in child price list.

After Release

  • Now if price list is set as base price list (Derive Price List from) for some other price list, user cannot delete that price list.
  • In case the user tries to delete that price list, system will prompt a validation message suggesting that it cannot be deleted.

Changing lead owner would reset “Account Type” value to Original Value

Before Release

Previously when user was changing lead owner, the value in "Account Type" drop down was being reset to original value.

After Release

The issue has been fixed. Now when a user changes lead owner then the value in "Account Type" dropdown will not get reset to the original one.