VARStreet support team provides you training as a part of our Onboarding / Implementation process. VARStreet offers you comprehensive, easy-to-follow training courses to ensure your solution implementation is successful right from the start

Training is divided in to two sessions, Storefront and BackOffice training.

  • VARStreet Back-Office – We Cover Site Setup, Custom Catalog, Price Lists, Rules and to create Quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.
  • VARStreet Storefront – We cover Store Setup, Store Catalog, Shopping Carts and Store Customization.

Web-based Training

Our web-based courses are taught by specialists ready to equip every user within their respective roles. We empower you to get the most out of VARStreet solutions so you can thrive. You can count on us to get your questions answered right on the spot without having to wait to get back an answer hours or days later. Here you will gain insight on the “How To’s” when using VARStreet Solutions. We’ve got you covered in the areas of –

Getting Started

Account Managers and Decision Makers will learn how to get your account up and running in record time. Populate your catalog, set-up your customer base and create price rules and profiles.

Naming Your PriceSales Team / Manager will benefit from gaining insight on pricing, how margins and mark-up constraints are automatically applied.

SellingSales and Purchasing Team Members get complete training on the quoting, sales order and purchase order processing. Real-time selling tips, promotion and spiff opportunities and order tracking are all part of this course.

Open for eBusinessWebmasters will learn how to get your storefront set-up step-by-step all in one afternoon. Begin taking orders right away. We will show you how to establish your identity, personalize your storefront, customize your catalog and product offering and how to use advertising within hours.

ShoppingSales Team / Manager will get in tune with the customer purchasing experience and understand buying behaviour. Get first-hand experience on searching for products, shopping and equip the team to learn the ins and outs of your storefront. Keep them efficient in front of the customer.

MarketingMarketing / Sales Team Members will understand how to leverage technology to get the most out of your business and create stronger business relationship with your customers. Building and executing marketing campaigns, targeting, monitoring and running promotions will all be covered here.

Customized TrainingVARStreet will provide you customized training for your sales, purchasing, marketing professionals. We will try hard to make VARStreet Training a pleasant and rewarding experience for everyone on your team.