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VARStreet has a seamless Zebra software integration to help you sell solutions from the Zebra product catalog effortlessly and efficiently.

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Zebra Technologies Integration

VARStreet has a direct Zebra Technologies catalog integration

Sell Zebra Technologies Solutions

Sell Zebra Technologies solutions products with the VARStreet application effortlessly

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$__ worth of Zebra Technologies products are sold through VARStreet every year.

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Functionalities built in specifically for Zebra solutions resellers

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    Place orders directly with Zebra Technologies

    VARs can send purchase orders to Zebra Technologies electronically through VARStreet.

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    Zebra EDI format

    The PO will post on Zebra's predefined EDI format.

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    SFTP protocol

    Our Zebra Technologies integration supports communication through Zebra SFTP.

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    Order processing

    Once Zebra Technologies receives the PO from VS, they will pick the PO file from SFTP and process the order in their system.

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    Sync with VARStreet

    Zebra Technologies will drop the PO status and the PO tracking file on SFTP which will be picked by VARStreet and updated on the VARStreet application.

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    Order status and tracking details

    Users can see the tracking details and the PO status on VARStreet BackOffice.

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VARStreet facilitates efficient sourcing, procurement and selling of products from the Zebra Technologies catalog.

Catalog integrations with over 45 IT distributors who sell Zebra Technologies products. Many more functionalities built for the IT VAR industry and to run your Zebra Technologies reseller business smoothly.

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    Eliminate cumbersome manual data entry tasks

    The Zebra Technologies integration syncs important product, customer, shipping and transaction data automatically between VARStreet and Zebra eliminating the need for manual data entry. There is no room for human error and your resources have more time to focus on sales.

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    Advanced quoting and pricing engine

    Our advanced CPQ application accelerates quote creation. VARStreet's sales quoting tool also has many features to aid enterprise selling. Catalog integrations with Zebra Technologies ensures accurate product pricing.

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    Quick delivery of quotes

    Direct import from the Zebra Technologies product catalog combined with our powerful sales quoting tool ensures that quotes are delivered swiftly thereby shortening the turnaround times.

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    Establish your COGS

    Establishing the Cost of Goods sold directly through Zebra Technologies or via the Zebra distribution network is very easy, efficient and accurate.

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    Eradicate pricing errors and discrepancies

    Our integrations with the Zebra Technologies product catalog and Zebra distributors eradicates pricing and inventory discrepancies and errors.

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    Real-time calculation

    Get real-time information and important updates directly from Zebra Technologies.

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    Manage multiple data sources

    Easily sell and procure Zebra Technologies SKUs from multiple sources like vendor, distributor etc.

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