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Is computer accessories the right niche
for dropship eCommerce?

According to technavio, the computer accessories market is predicted to show strong growth of over USD 3.8 billion by 2021. Businesses from every sector are moving towards automation of work, which is the biggest factor that drives the accessories industry. Employees from all levels, need PCs to do their daily job, and with PCs they need accessories.

Apart from corporate requirements, computer accessories have become a mandate for households, schools, and offices as well. Furthermore, though PCs and laptops aren’t bought very frequently as they have a long life span, accessories’ life span is a lot shorter. Till PC is a necessity in the modern world, the accessories market will keep on growing parallelly.

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How to create an amazing eCommerce setup with VARStore

Why VARStreet eCommerce?

VARStreet eCommerce lets you build your online presence in no time.

1000s of SKUs

Over 100,000 office supplies
products from 50+ Distributors.

Faster Deliveries

50+ US and Canada-based distributors.

Contract Catalog

Efficient in handling contract
specific SKUs.

Aggregated Catalog

Complete computer accessories inventory
with real-time price and inventory from a no.
of distributors.

Dropship of computer accessories
with VARStreet.

An account with the distributor is the only thing you need to start
dropshipping with VARStreet. The catalog from the distributors of
your choice can be used to start selling.

Distributor Account

Set up your account with a computer
accessories supplier.

Product Import

The product details are imported into VARStreet
eCommerce store.


Use ads and email campaigns to tell your existing
customers about your presence online.

Make a Sale

Here you go! Your first sale is made.

Order Management

Customer details are sent to the
supplier via automated PO.

Supplier Ships Product

The supplier dispatches your account to
the end customer.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omni-channel marketing with VARStreet.

Reach out to the largest customer bases in the US, UK, and Canada like Amazon, eBay, and Google shopping, by developing omnichannel marketing strategies. Sell through social media channels like Facebook Store, Instagram Store, etc., and reach out to a larger audience.

Upgrade any existing website or blog into an online store by adding a buy button. Automate your email marketing with tools like MailChimp, Litmus, Reach Mail, etc.

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Custom Template

Choose from a wide range of modern and user-friendly templates.

You can create your own custom branding or choose from a pool
of on-deck templates. Design your page hassle-free with
pre-built custom tools.

Don't have sufficient time to put in all these efforts? We can
minimize your work by designing your store for you. Enjoy a
ready-to-use eCommerce store without spending any time on
the keyboard.

Get B2B features at no extra cost.

VARStreet is built to meet all the requirements of IT VARs in both B2B and B2C sectors.


VARStreet provides the sales team with a platform to give the best performance. It
has integration with all major CRM ,ERP, and procurement systems.

Customer relationship management

VARStreet improves the business process for the sales team. Also, our effective use
of CRM modules helps the management of sales and customers.

PunchOut catalog

PunchOut is done using the major procurement systems like Ariba, Peoplesoft, Sciquest,
SAP, JDEdward etc.

Quotation and proposal

It takes a fraction of second to create and send complex quotations. Winning quotes
are created through real-time pricing and inventory from various distributors.

VARStreet is Your

It is always tough to start an eCommerce business. But, now
computer accessories can be dropshipped in a few steps. How?
Fill in the form below and we will get back to you. Let's start
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