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Are Ink and toner supplies the profitable
niche for Dropship Ecommerce?

The 26800 million dollar industry is expected to reach around 36700 million dollars at a CAGR of 4% till 2025. There is always a high demand for ink and toner cartridges mainly due to growing demand for computer and printer supplies. New technology and innovations are constantly looking to shape the print industry and trying to keep customers on their toes when they plan to buy new supplies or a new printer.

Rising demand of packaging from numerous industries like electronic gadgets, textile is also resulting in rise of market size. Although the demand for paper-based products is declining due to industry automation and IT integration, demand for printer and computer suppliers manufacturers have increased.

Ink Cartridge Online Store
How to create an amazing eCommerce setup with VARStore

Why VARStreet eCommerce?

Designed to cater to all the requirements of B2B and B2C VARs.

1000s of SKUs

Over 100,000 ink and toner supplies
products from 50+ Distributors.

Faster Deliveries

Distributors based in Canada
and US.

Contract Catalog

Capable of handling contract
specific SKUs.

Aggregated Catalog

Real time price and up-to-date inventory
from distributors.

Start your ink toner cartridges
dropship journey with VARStreet.

An account with the distributor is all you need to start dropshipping with
VARStreet. The ink toner cartridges catalog of the distributors of your
choice is then made available to you.

Distributor Account

Set up an account with ink toner
cartridge's distributor.

Product Import

The VARStreet e-commerce store imports
the product details.


Use ads and mail campaigns to inform your existing customers that you are online.

Make a Sale

Congratulations! You have made your first sale.

Order Management

Automated PO is used to send the
customer details to the supplier.

Supplier Ships Product

On your behalf, the supplier ships the
order directly to the customer.

Omnichannel Marketing

Encourage promotion and selling on multiple channels and tap into the largest customer bases in US, Canada, and UK like eBay, Amazon, etc. A multichannel approach to marketing, selling, and providing services to customers. Reach to a new audience through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram etc.

Use MailChimp, Litmus, etc to carry out automated e-mail marketing campaigns. If you already have a running website or blog, we can upgrade it into an e-commerce store.

Sell Printer Ink Online
Sell printer ink and toner cartridges

Custom Template

Choose from a wide variety of ready templates or create your own
custom branding.

Pre-built custom widgets help you to make your own pages in no
time. No time? Let us build your store for you, from scratch.

All B2B features, no additional cost

VARStreet e-commerce platform provides B2B services at no additional cost.


VARStreet helps salespeople to be on top of their activities. It integrates with all the major CRM, ERP, and procurement systems

Customer relationship management

Improve business processes for the sales team and manage customers and sales effectively
with our optimized CRM module.

PunchOut catalog

Major procurement systems like Oracle, Ariba, PeopleSoft, etc help in easy PunchOut.

Quotation and proposal

Real-time price and inventory from multiple supplies let you create a winning quote and send the quotations within seconds.

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