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Sell Office Equipments Online

Why Sell Office Equipment Online?

The global office equipment market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% during 2018-2023. The commonly used office equipment are scanners, currency counting machines, cash registers, calculators, and printing devices like copiers, laser beam and inkjet printers. The demand for office equipment is largely driven by the increasing wireless printer demands for printing high graphic documents, spreadsheets, photos and collaterals for marketing.

Financial institutions are the largest customer base for office equipment followed by small and mid-sized businesses, government and educational organisations. There certainly is profitability in setting up an office supplies ecommerce store as more and more organisations are now moving online to buy supplies to operate.

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How to create an amazing eCommerce setup with VARStore

Why VARStreet eCommerce?

VARStreet is a robust platform to cater the requirements of B2B and B2C IT VARs.

1000s of SKUs

45+ office equipment suppliers
and 100,000s of SKUs.

Faster Deliveries

USA and Canada based distributors.

Contract Catalog

Ability to add contract specific SKUs.

Aggregated Catalog

Complete office eqipments catalog
with real-time price and inventory
from multiple distributors.

Dropship Office Equipment with
VARStreet in 6 Easy Steps

For starting dropshipping business with VARStreet, all you need to have is
an account with distributor. Get access to our aggregated catalog with over
100,000s of consumer electronic products from around 45+ distributors from UK,
US and Canada.

Distributor Account

Create account with an office
equipments distributor.

Product Import

Set up your VARStreet store.
Import products.


Let people know about
your brand-new store.

Make a Sale

Sales start coming in!

Order Management

The PO is sent
to the distributor.

Supplier Ships Product

The distributor ships the
orders to your customers.

Omnichannel Marketing

Time out for single channel marketing.

Our catalog export feature lets you sell everywhere! Sell on
Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Market your product through email marketing tools like MailChimp,
Litmus, etc. If you have a running blog or website, we can
transform it into an e-commerce store.

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Custom Template

Design your office equipment online store in a day with our
ready-to-use templates. Quick and easy to build your ecommerce

Completely customizable to suit your branding needs. Sounds
like too much? Let us build your store for you without you
having to do any work.

Solution to your B2B needs too.

VARStreet is specially designed to suit the business needs of both B2B and B2C sectors.


The sales team will always be on top of their activities with the help of the
major CRM, ERP and procurement systems integrated with VARStreet.

Customer relationship management

The optimized CRM module helps to manage the sales and customers effectively.
It improves the performance of the sales people.

PunchOut catalog

Easy punchout with the best procurement systems like SAP, JD Edwards, Sciquest.

Quotation and proposal

Inventory from various distributors and real time price helps to create complicated
quotations within seconds.

VARStreet is Your

Starting an e-commerce business is not so simple. Dropship the
products and rake profit. How? Just fill in the form below and
we will get back to you. Let’s get started with your journey in

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all your business processes

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exceptional service

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