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How profitable is server as a niche for dropship ecommerce?

Can the world at this point continue without the internet? If the answer is no, the revenue from the server market can never decline. According to International Data Corporation, the worldwide server market reported strong revenue worth $23.4 billion and huge unit shipment growth in 2018. This was inevitable due to the ongoing enterprise refresh cycle and continued demand from cloud service providers. From students to startups to companies, all depend on servers hosted online in the development of projects, for communication or for storing data. Even this website has been hosted on a server through which it is made available to the public. Thus the existence and increasing dependence on the internet will continue to fuel the needs of the server and the server market would continue to flourish parallelly.

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The only qualification you need to start dropshipping with VARStreet is an account with the distributor. You get an access to our aggregated catalog which has over 10,000 server products from 40+ distributors in the US and Canada.

VARStreet is a Lot More Than Just Ecommerce

VARStreet’s Ecommerce platform is built specifically to suit the business requirements of
an IT VAR in both the B2B and B2C sectors.

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See what our Customers Say

“VARStreet has been wonderful. It is a critical business application for our company and has helped our internal sales teams process orders more efficiently. It has streamlined the time it takes to quote a customer, to processing their orders from sales orders to purchase orders. The VARStreet development team has also been great. They are always available to respond to our questions or concerns. The turn-around time to help us resolve any technical issues with our orders is always very fast. We receive help quickly and effectively which is very important for UDT. Our company knows that VARStreet is a partner we can count on. We look forward to further growth alongside a fantastic e-commerce platform. “

Jenny Ortiz

United Data Technologies

“I have been using your quoting system for over one year and find it to be reliable easy to use and fast acting. The quotes are very corporate looking and my clients have commented on the look of the quote. I also like the way the reports look when tracking my sales results. Whenever I have a question on how to do something I E-Mail VARStreet and my questions are answered quickly and accurately….I recommend using VARStreet for any sales organization.”

Joe Sciacca

Corsica Technologies

“VARStreet is an excellent partner in helping Emtec manage our evolving procurement marketplace. We have teamed with VARStreet to integrate to our back office systems while using VARStreet as our UI. We have Co-developed workflows adapted to our sales and customer requirements that have enabled our sales tools to work the way our customers and sales associates work. The attention to detail from their Customer Care team is EXCELLENT.”

Michael Hubbs


“VARStreet has allowed us to streamline and simplify our sales, quoting, and purchasing process. We have cut our quoting and procurement time by almost 50 percent!”

David B. Rounds

uptimeLV, Inc.

“For 18 months, I have assisted in the implementation and use of the VARStreet software at a Client’s location. It has proven to be a vital link to a large database, allowing the client to offer multiple products through its own branded website. VARStreet has been very communicative, with great post-implementation service. I consider this to be a very cost-effective and sophisticated B2B internet solution.”

Kirby Mills

Pilot Rock Investments, LLC

“After using two other platforms that were nothing but headaches and having to enter data two or three times in multiple systems we came across VARStreet. VARStreet has played a big role in helping us grow by over 50% this year. VARStreet saves time for every member of our staff. Our sales people can easily source and quote products, Purchasing can easily see real cost and availability with the ability to place orders with a few clicks and Accounting loves that all our data is synced over electronically. The easy to use software gives us real time accurate data from many of our distributors and we no longer have to waste time managing our catalog. Our data has the ability to be not only synced over on the accounting side but over to our CRM as well. VARStreet has always been helpful and fast to resolve any issues. Their development team is always more than willing to accommodate us with our many request for customizations.”

Collin Mitchell

Monster Technology

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