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Whether you are a one person VAR or a large conglomerate with Offices at multiple locations. Whether you are from United States or Canada OR whether you deal in IT or Office products or Both, VARStreet has a solution for you. The VARStreet XC Platform is a Complete Sales Quoting, Procurement and eCommerce Solution for VARS, System Integrators, Solution Providers, MSP’s etc.

We have been in business for almost 13 years and have worked with almost 3500+ VARs and 10,000 + VAR users who have all contributed in making the product what it is today. Over the years the continual enhancements and growth within the product has made it the most diverse software for the entire IT & Office supplies channel.

VARStreet has a very robust back end which can be used for Sales Quoting & Sourcing and add the eCommerce to it and it also becomes your online identity as well. Whether your need is Real time Price & Availability from distributors, or Sales Quoting or ECommerce or all of them, we have you covered.

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By Need
Solutions by Need

Whether you need a quoting solution or an ecommerce store or want to bid for a govt contract, you can certainly rely on VARStreet.VARStreet products have been designed in such a way that they are sure to meet the unique needs of individual customers. Whatever be your requirements, we have the expertise to deliver completely scalable solutions that are just right for your business.

By Channel
Solutions by Channel

VARStreet services are not just restricted to VARs. We also provide services to manufacturers, distributors, system integrators (SIs), solution providers and managed service providers (MSPs) to meet their target needs. Using these services can give a competitive edge over rivals to successfully sustain in the market.

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Solutions by Geography

VARStreet has extensive experience in managing VAR-related business located in United States and Canada. Since 1999, it has been successfully providing various services to VARs located in these countries. We are also planning to start our services in India in 2016 and are also considering a worldwide launch of the product in 2017.

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