Run your CISCO reselling
business easily

VARStreet has specific functionalities built in to help CISCO VARs
run their daily operations

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CCW Integration

VARStreet platform has direct integration with CISCO Commerce Workspace (CCW).

Sell CISCO products

Easily sell CISCO products through the VARStreet application.

$1B in CISCO sales every year

$1 billion worth of CISCO business passes through the VARStreet application every year.

Functionalities built for enterprise VARs

Arm your employees with user-friendly tools to accelerate sales processes
and build efficiencies in otherwise time-consuming enterprise processes.

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    Import CISCO estimates and deal registrations

    Easily import CISCO estimates and deal registrations in VARStreet quoting tool with just the estimate ID.

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    Easily manage CISCO deals by using CISCO deal ID's in PO to distribution

    Quote CISCO deal ID's for ordering CISCO SKUs through distribution to honour customer commitments.

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    Upload and update CISCO Bill of Materials

    Easily upload CISCO Bill of Materials in the VARStreet quoting tool. Automatically pull updates.

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    Manage multiple vendor quotes into one quote application

    Ability to sell different vendor quotes like CISCO, Dell, etc. in one single quotation.

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    Full integration with distribution

    Pull information from distribution or CISCO, or both in one single quote.

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    Route your orders through distribution easily

    Easily create purchase orders for your distribution for customer-approved CISCO estimates.

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Cisco is sold better on VARStreet no matter where you source from!

VARStreet integrates with 50+ IT distributors and comes with a host of functionalities designed specifically for IT VARs which makes it extremely easy and flexible to run your CISCO business on VARStreet.

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    Eliminates manual data entry

    Eliminates error and time waste because of Excel import or copy/paste of information.

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    Backed by a powerful quoting and pricing engine

    VARStreet comes with functionalities designed specifically for VARs.

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    Quick delivery of quotes

    Because of direct import, deliver quotes in a quick and efficient manner.

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    Establish your COGS

    Establish your Cost of Goods sold directly through CISCO or distribution.

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    Eliminate errors and discrepancies

    Eliminates errors and discrepancies between distributors and CCW.

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    Real-time calculation

    Real-time import of information and updates from CCW.

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    Manage multiple data sources

    Easily sell and procure Cisco SKUs from multiple sources like vendor, distributor, etc.

We provide a holistic solution to meet all your business needs.


VARStreet has ready PunchOut solutions with almost all well-known procurement systems like Ariba, JD Edwards, Coupa. and many more. With many PunchOuts successfully completed till date, we can have your PunchOut-ready eCommerce stores up and running in no time at all.


VARStreet brings all your most important data streams together in one place for intelligent processing. Our application integrates with all popular ERP, CRM, and accounting software for streamlined processes and transactions and improved visibility into your large business.

Customization in a cloud application - Best of both worlds

We understand that most large businesses have created their own unique way of doing business over a period of time. We have a large team of engineers who can help you customize VARStreet as per your needs.

A one-stop software to manage
all your business processes

Unparalleled support and
exceptional service

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    Take the first step - we will guide you through it all.

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    Constant support

    Our experienced support team is always available! We
    help you from your first online sale and beyond.

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    Professional services

    A range of professional services to help you with customized
    solutions for your business.

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