A complete business solution
for enterprise resellers

High volume business and the number of teams involved is a huge challenge for
enterprise VARs. Gain control over processes with VARStreet.

eCommerce for enterprise
Advanced sales quoting

A sophisticated quoting solution to handle not only complex quoting but also build efficiencies in a large sales team.

eCommerce for enterprise

VARStreet comes with features and functionalities to set up an eCommerce store with enterprise functionalities at a fraction of the cost of most available solutions in the market.

Flexible customization

We have an experienced technical team who will customize VARStreet to suit your business processes.

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How to create an amazing eCommerce setup with VARStore

Functionalities built for enterprise VARs

Arm your employees with user-friendly tools to accelerate sales processes
and build efficiencies in otherwise time consuming enterprise processes.

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    Approval workflows

    The VARStreet approval workflow lets you route transactions
    to one or more people minimizing human error and catching
    easy mistakes before quotes are sent out to potential

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    Our pricing engine can handle complex needs like pricing
    by customer, contact, SKU, category, subcategory, brands
    or stock at distribution.

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    Prebuilt functionality that enables you to create and sell complex products, kits and assemblies that consist of multiple parts, both offline and online.

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    Built-in configuration module

    A robust configuration engine that allows you to design your own configured SKUs, dependencies, and pricing based on various parameters.

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    Upsell and cross sell

    Ability to upsell wherever there is an opportunity
    or also give cross-sell suggestions to customers
    for both quotes and carts.

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    Quoting for contracts

    Several built-in features to help businesses that
    sell to government institutions

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eCommerce for enterprise 3

Enterprise eCommerce

VARStreet's feature-packed B2B eCommerce solution that turns complicated enterprise commerce into a streamlined experience for both your staff and customers.

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    Carry your own branding

    Branding is extremely critical for all large businesses. We can completely customize the store based on your branding requirements.

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    Aggregated catalog

    Leverage from VARStreet's connection with 50+ Distributors plus add your own products and services easily.

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    Configure store based on Login

    Catalog, pricing and customer specific-landing pages upon login.

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    Multiple store to the same back end

    You can control multiple stores from the same back end.

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    Public and private storefronts

    Have a store open to all or a private store with required login.

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    Approval workflow for customers

    Your customers can set their internal workflows on your eCommerce store.

We provide a holistic solution to meet all you business needs


VARStreet has ready PunchOut solutions with almost all well-known procurement systems like Ariba, JD Edwards, Coupa, and many more. With many PunchOuts successfully completed till date, we can have your PunchOut ready eCommerce stores up and running in no time at all.


VARStreet brings all your most important data streams together in one place for intelligent processing. Our application integrates with all popular ERP, CRM, and accounting software for streamlined processes and transactions and improved visibility into your large business.

Customization in a cloud application - Best of both worlds

We understand that most large businesses have created their own unique way of doing business over a period of time. We have a large team of engineers who can help you customize VARStreet as per your needs.

A one-stop software to manage
all your business processes

Unparalleled support and
exceptional service

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    Take the first step - we will guide you through it all.

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    Constant support

    Our experienced support team is always available! We
    help you from your first online sale and beyond.

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    Professional services

    A range of professional services to help you with customized
    solutions for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I sell primarily to large corporates, is your platform useful for enterprise VARS like me?

Absolutely, VARStreet is designed to meet most complex of requirements. We work with all kind of VARS including many large and very large VARS. We have various features built into the application to help large Resellers run their daily business more efficiently.

Can you give some examples of Large Resellers you work with?

Sure. Please get in touch with our sales and we can give you direct references of large Resellers that you can talk to. It is very important that we direct you to the right kind of references and hence it will be very helpful if we can speak with you and understand your needs first.

What functionalities you have for Customers like us?

There are a lot of functionalities specially designed for Medium and large Resellers. However some functionalities that our large Resellers appreciate a lot are our ability to handle Complex B2B eCommerce needs, our aggregated catalog, CPQ functionalities, Integration with multiple ERP and procurement systems, etc. Please click here to learn more about all our modules

This is a very big initiative for us? Do you offer any specialized support?

Yes. In order to make you successful with VARStreet we have preferred Onboarding and support program that will help you run your business uninterrupted with VARStreet.

What is your uptime? How do you back up our data?

We offer very high uptime. Mostly upwards of 99.5%. Also your data is backed up in various ways so as to ensure that no data is ever lost. Please click here to learn more about our data uptime and back up

How secured is your application?

We understand the importance of data security and have taken all precautions to ensure that your data remains secured from external as well as internal people and systems. We take extreme precautions for the same. Please click here to learn more about our infrastructure and data security.

We sell primarily to Govt. Can you support us?

Yes. Our software has features and functionalities built in to support Resellers who sell to Govt. Please click here to learn more about our Govt. Specific features.

We buy a lot from vendors directly? Can you support that too?

Yes. We have built specific integration directly with Vendors like Dell, Cisco, HP, Zebra etc. for resellers like you. We also have the ability to pull special price file from many vendors directly.

What ready integrations you have with VARStreet? Can you integrate with our ERP?

Yes. We integrate with most known ERP, CRM and Accounting applications. Please click here to learn more about the integrations already available. In case you do not see your ERP in the list, you do not need to worry. We have a team of engineers who are capable of turning our integrations quickly.

We work with a few distributors that I do not see in the list of distributors you support? Can we add new distributor?

Yes. Please let us know which distributor and as long as they have the ability to give catalog file electronically, we can integrate them.

I sell a lot of different products other than what flows from distribution. Can I load my own products?

Yes. You can load your own products in the VARStreet custom catalog. You can also create bundles and configurations.

Can I also sell services through your application?

Yes. You can easily load your services in the VARStreet custom catalog and sell them. We are also working on a separate module that will also help you manage your services through VARStreet.