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Create a quotation or proposal

Create even the most complex sales quotes in minutes with our user-friendly yet sophisticated user interface.

Choose from multiple pre-designed quote templates.

Create multiple versions of the same sales quote

Use standard price rules to create quotes quickly. Modify based on need while sales quoting online.

Add upsell and cross-sell suggestions to the quote.

Easy customization and branding

Customize templates for your business.

Brand your quotes with your company logo, colors, fonts, etc.

Hide itemized pricing and manufacturer part no. in a quote.

Create a custom bundle on the fly while quoting.

Add or import products

Easily add or import items from the catalog to your quotations.

Import bulk spreadsheets and create items on the fly.

Sending a quote

Sales quotes can be sent as in the pdf or Excel formats, as a web URL or even be available for customers on your ecommerce store based on login.

Make your day-to-day quote a lot more efficient and quick!

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Complex sales quoting simplified

Streamline your sales quoting!


Create bundles while quoting or add pre-configured bundles from your catalog to quotes.

Product configurator

Add configurable products and services to sales quotes.

Approval workflow

Add approval workflow processes to your sales quotes.

Link inside and outside sales reps

The CRM unifies all processes and your sales and in-house team.

Upsell and cross-sell

Suggest ‘similar’ or ‘related’ items in your sales quotes.

Check pricing history

A complete history of prices previously quoted is maintained as a reference guide for you.

Do more with our quote management software

Aggregated catalog

A vast product catalog

VARStreet aggregates the catalogs from 40+ IT and office supplies distributors.

Your entire product catalog, including your distributor products, bundles and configurations can be accessed in a single location.

Easily pick products and add them to the quotes.

Track multi distributor price and inventory

Get daily price auto-updates and the latest information before quoting.

Check real-time price and inventory from multiple distributors while quoting.

Compare multi-distributor pricing

Your salespeople can compare multiple products before sending out a quote to ensure right product is quoted.

Most distributor promos are captured and you have the right costs while quoting, ensureing you do not over quote or underquote.

Add custom products

You can also add your own products either through a custom catalog or by adding an ad hoc product while quoting.

Automated catalog

With 5+ Million products, it is impossible to have control on processes without having a tool like VARStreet that automates catalog management.

FREE rich content

Rich content helps your customers get a much better insight into the product. Better chances for closure and fewer questions asked! Shorten your sales cycle with VARStreet.


Sell faster. Sell better.

Every quote creates an opportunity.

You can also be working on an opportunity and create a quote for the same.

Link outside and inside reps

Inside reps produce quotes and outside reps work on the opportunities associated with those quotes without worrying about creating quotes on the go.

Build efficiency

Management has complete trackability of all the quotes that go out for any particular period.

Better forecasting as all the quotes are captured.

A closed opportunity closes the quotation and converts it into an order if the opportunity is won.

Increase conversions of quotes

VARStreet truly combines the advantages of a great quoting tool that allows you to create even the most complex quotes in minutes and a sophisticated CRM application that ensures that all the quotes get tracked.

Quoting for contracts

Contract catalog

Daily download of K-12, Higher Education, State and Local or Federal pricing from distributors.

Ability to add products from the aggregated or custom catalog against a contract.

Add contract data elements such as CLIN, Contract no., etc. for a SKU. Add contract terms and conditions while creating a contract.

Export catalog as per the contract requirements. Configure catalog and pricing based on logins.

We support VARS for hundreds of state and local contracts including some large Federal contracts like DHS FirstSource, Netcents, SEWP, Eagle, ITES-2H & ITES-3H, ECS etc.

We also support GSA Schedules and BPA and our product is designed to meet the needs of all of these contracts.

Compliance to govt. audit, pricing, delivery and procurement rules. EPEAT, 508 etc compliance and other Green compliance data.

Bid Support Package

VARStreet also offers a unique “Bid Support Package” where we become your extended arm and guide you through all the stages of the contract from RFI to Award and post-award maintenance.

You get a dedicated VARStreet bid support team member to work closely with you.

Tight integrations

Accounting and ERP

VARStreet integrates with most known accounting, ERP and PSA software like QuickBooks, SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite and many more.

Eliminate errors

Seamless integrations between all your applications ensures no data loss or manual errors.

In house integration team

We have a dedicated integration team that will carry out the process for you and gets all your systems in sync with VARStreet.

Third-party connections

Auto calculate tax

Auto-calculation of tax based on the values you set.

VARStreet supports different geographies and currencies.

We also carry out Avalara integrations.

Shipping connections

VARStreet integrates with all major shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL etc.

Automate freight calculation based on product weight, prices, delivery address, etc.

Set rules and parameters

Rule-based price and discount calculation at customer or contact level.

Set rules based on real-time information to override automation.

Quoting analytics

Helps you better understand your quoting performance for the entire organization

Track, costs, margins, commissions etc.

Build better forecast on your sales pipeline.

Keeps you in total control of your quoting process.

Seamless order processing

There can be a substantial time gap between when the quote was sent and when it gets approved. It becomes critical to have the most recent price and inventory information before a quote is converted to an order. VARStreet’s real time connections with distributors helps a seller do just that.

Convert confirmed quotes to purchase orders in 1-2 clicks

Compare and override already available price and inventory into the quote with the most latest information including latest promotions, if any.

Create a single or multiple purchase orders for the same quote.

Auto updtation of serial numbers and tracking numbers once the products are shipped or drop shipped by the distributor.

Get the VARStreet advantage

Aggregated product catalog

You don’t have to call multiple vendors to get product prices. Our aggregated catalog shows you price and inventory from 40+ distributors in one screen.

Anytime anywhere quoting

Create sales quotes on the go with our Mobile Sales Quoting App. Browse, search, add, create items and a lot more, anytime, anywhere!

Quick quoting

Our sales quoting software lets you create a sales quote with just an email address. Add products and send it to the customer without creating contact details in your system.

Always price right

You have access to prices for multiple distributors while creating a sales quote and can quote the best price always.

Link to Cisco

Direct link to CISCO in VARStreet’s web-based sales quoting and proposal software and the sales quoting app.

Link to Dell

Ability to punch out to Dell Premier Portal, from VARStreet’s online sales quoting and proposal software.