The best solution for computer and
office supply resellers

Designed to meet the varied business needs of VARs,
MSP’s System Integrators and Solution Providers

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Sales Quoting

Create professional sales quotes
easily with pre-designed yet
highly customizable templates.

Sell online

An easy-to-design eCommerce
store with configurable public and private storefronts that support complex B2C, B2B, and B2G processes.

Distributor connections

50+ computer and office supply wholesale distributor connections within VARStreet.

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How to create an amazing eCommerce setup with VARStore

Host of functionalities for
everyday business

We've thought of every functionality and feature that VARs and
MSPs require in their daily business processes and made it easier,
quicker and efficient to accomplish their daily tasks.

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Do more with VARStreet

We've thought of every functionality and feature that VARs and
MSPs require in their daily business processes and made it easier,
quicker, and more efficient to accomplish their daily tasks.

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    Third party connections

    Integrations with Tax Data Systems, freight providers for freight calculation, and with various payment gateways for accepting credit card payments.

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    SEO functionalities, catalog export to marketplaces, social media like Facebook, and much more that helps you to increase your online presence and sell on multiple channels.

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    Precanned and custom reports available to provide you in depth visibility of your VAR business at all levels.

A one-stop software to manage
all your business processes

Unparalleled support and
exceptional service

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    Take the first step - we will guide you through it all.

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    Constant support

    Our experienced support team is always available! We
    help you from your first online sale and beyond.

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    Professional services

    A range of professional services to help you with customized
    solutions for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of VARS can use VARStreet?

VARStreet is a business management platform designed for IT & Office supply VARS. It has various modules like Sales Quoting, CRM, Procurement, and a highly customizable eCommerce store. The real power of VARStreet lies in aggregated catalog where we integrate with most popular IT & and office supply distributors in US & Canada for catalog, price and inventory.

Is your software available on Premise or Cloud?

VARStreet is a cloud software available on a subscription pricing model.

I do not have an account with any of the distributors you integrate with, can I still use VARStreet?

Yes, VARStreet also comes with a custom catalog functionality and you can load your own products like in any other ERP or eCommerce platform. However if you are an IT VAR we would highly recommend you to open a partner account with one of the distributors.

I also sell services, can VARStreet help me with that as well?

Yes, you can easily load all your services in the custom catalog and offer that while quoting or in your eCommerce store. You can also create bundles of hardware and services if you require. We are also working on service management module where you will also be able to deliver and manage your services using VARStreet very soon.

Most of the products that I sell are complex and cannot be sold through eCommerce, will this still be helpful?

Absolutely. ECommerce is just one of the many modules available in VARStreet. We provide host of functionalities to manage complexities including bundling, configurations, etc. Our Quoting module comes with functionalities which can handle the most complex scenarios as well.

Can I add a new distributor that you do not already have an integration with?

Yes. Please get in touch with our Sales, or if you already are a customer then please get in touch with our support team and we can help with that.

I sell only specific products and not the entire products available through distribution. Can I filter out products that I do not sell?

Yes, you can easily filter products in the back office. You can either filter individual products or include or exclude only certain brands or categories that you want to sell or not sell. That way you will have complete control over your catalog.

Is there a way I can automate my procurement process? I do not want the pain of creating Distributor Purchase order for every order that I receive from my customer.

Yes, With VARStreet you can easily automate that. Every time you get a confirmed order on your eCommerce store or a buy confirmation of a quote that you have sent out, system can be configured to automatically create PO to your distributor of choice. However we highly recommend use of this functionality only for certain type of customers and definitely not for new customers and credit card orders.

Do you also offer help with customizing the look and feel of my store? I do not have anyone to do it internally.

Yes. Even though, our store builder is designed in a way that it can be used by anyone without any technical knowhow, however if you need we have a team of designers just for this work where we can help you with customizing the look and feel of the store.

I have a customer requesting Punchout. How can you help?

PunchOut is available as a standard functionality. We have done hundreds of Punchout with almost all known procurement systems. Please get in touch with our sales to create a store with Punchout Catalog. Please click here to learn more about our Punchout offering.

What if I want to add some functionality for my need or modify some existing functionality?

Sure. Most complex functionalities are already thought through and there are high chances that they would already be in the application however for those rare times when we do not have those in the application, we have a team of engineers who can work with you to understand your needs and deliver quickly.

Do you offer training?

Yes. We offer training of the entire application as a part of our onboarding process. The application also comes with elaborate training videos and manuals.

How about Support?

Support is available on phone and email during United States business hours.