Build your ecommerce store

Everything you need to start selling online!

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Brand Your Store

Build your store and take your business online.

Beautiful templates

Design your ecommerce store with stunning and highly customizable yet user-friendly templates and themes.

Responsive design

All our templates render well on different devices.

Reviews and ratings

Customers can leave reviews and ratings on your ecommerce store.

Payment gateways

Accept secure payments on your store. VARStreet offers integrations with multiple payment gateways.

Tax and freight integration

Rule-based tax calculation and integrations with all major shipping companies like FedEx, UPS etc.

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Sell Online Easily

We help you sell more!

Upsell and cross-sell

Show ‘Related Products’ and ‘Similar Products’.

Discounts and coupons

Ability to add coupon codes for discounts and deals.

SEO and ads

Built-in SEO and Ad management feature to drive traffic to your store from search engines.

Email marketing

Integrate with MailChimp, Litmus, etc to run email marketing campaigns.

Sell everywhere

Sell on Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping. Our product catalog is ready to be exported to all marketplaces.


VARStreet’s inbuilt reporting engine gives you complete visibility of your ecommerce store.

B2B Ecommerce Stores

We also support complex B2B features.

Landing page based on login

A personalised experience for your B2B buyers based on logins.

Price and catalog based on login information

Login information determines the price and catalog shown to your B2B customers.

Multiple stores to the same back end

You can control multiple store-fronts with the same back-end.

Approval workflow, budgets and buying limits

Your customers can set approval workflows, budgets and buying limits.

Multiple currencies and geographies

Supports multiple currencies and geographies. Sell globally without any hassles.

Public and private storefronts

Have a public storefront or a private one based on mandatory login.

Quick Implementation

Get online in a week.

Constant support

We’ll help you start and be with you while you scale, and after! Our experienced support team is available to you at all times.

Easy to implement

Designing an ecommerce store cannot get easier! Our templates are user-friendly and you’ll get started within a week.

Security, hosting and uptime

We constantly run security audits on our platform and have various trust badges. We’re cloud-hosted
and setting up is quick and easy.

Free updates

Do not pay for updates or plugins! Get all updates for FREE!

Differentiate your online B2B shopping experience

Rich content

FREE rich content like high-quality images, product description, tech specs, etc.

Aggregated catalog

A ready product catalog from multiple distributors with real-time price and inventory updates.

Add custom products

Upload your custom catalog to your ecommerce store. Sell any product or service.

Seamless order processing

Convert orders on your store to purchase orders and send to your distributor of choice with a single click.

VARStreet supports you in every way.

VARStreet’s ecommerce platform is built keeping value-added resellers in mind and we’ve simplified the entire process of starting an ecommerce store. We Understand the Reseller Business!


With VARStreet you can have PunchOut ready stores within days. Just give us your requirement and consider it done!


In-built CRM module that integrates with all our ecommerce stores. Manage your customers effortlessly.

Professional Services

A host of professional services to design, implement and manage your ecommerce store.

An ecommerce product like never before!