I am a Manufacturer / Vendor

Direct ECommerce

It is now No secret that ECommerce works. More and more customers are buying products online and if you do not have a strong online presence then there are chances you are losing business to competition. VARStreet Direct ECommerce for vendors provides the vendors with a highly customizable ECommerce store with all the features and functionalities of a modern day ECommerce store. With VARStreet’s Direct ECommerce solution for manufacturers you can go online within weeks with full integration with your internal systems.

The key features of VAR ECommerce Solution are –

  • Daily download of price & Inventory via FTP
  • XML integration for Real time update of price & Inventory
  • Integration with Etilize for Rich Content like Tech Specs, Images, Long description, Related products, similar products etc.
  • Ability to add rich content for products if available with the manufacturer.
  • A robust back end for Sales Quoting, Store Set up, customer and catalog management
  • A highly Customizable ECommerce Store.
  • Ability to provide direct integration with your ERP so that once the Reseller places an order it directly sends an electronic Purchase Order into your ERP system for fulfilment
  • Ability to download information like Order Status update, Serial Numbers, Shipment tracking Numbers etc once the products are shipped. This information can then be emailed to the VAR and will also be made available on the ECommerce Store.
  • Ability to download your Sales promotions or any other marketing content and display them on the ECommerce store for Resellers to take advantage of it.

Microsites for B2B & B2G

A lot of manufacturers have strategic accounts that need to be treated differently as their needs are different. VARStreet provides our Microsites offering for such large strategic accounts. VARStreet works with the manufacturer to understand such accounts and create specific Microsites for such large customers with their specific look and feel, products, pricing, payment methods, shipment methods, Terms & Conditions etc. We ensure that you have the technology to provide your strategic accounts with the attention that they deserve. Also we can provide direct integration between these Microsites and your ERP so that any sale made through the site directly flows into your ERP thereby ensuring that there is no delay in order processing. We also have the ability to support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or Punchout with various procurement systems.