Sourcing and Procurement

Increase your margins by building efficiency in how your source products.

How can you be sure that the sales quote you prepared still offers you the highest possible margin if you can’t see distributor pricing and availability at the time you place your order – days or even weeks after you built your sales quote?

With VARStreet’s real-time distributor feeds you’re always confident that you’re acquiring your products at the best possible price, and that everything is in stock, ready to go. VARStreet Back Office dramatically streamlines the procurement process by automatically converting Sales quotes into Sales Orders and Sales Orders into VAR purchase orders for most major distributors. All without re-keying or duplicate data entry. And, VARStreet manages and tracks everything through the full transaction lifecycle, including order status and shipping from multiple distributors.

What does it do?

  • Create, Process and Manage Sales orders
  • Once click conversion of Quotes/carts to Sales Orders
  • Fast, accurate point-and-click PO creation
  • Real-time price & Inventory (With warehouses) with Select Distributors for right Sourcing
  • Drop Ship, Back Order, Split Shipment Supported
  • Provide Remarks/ Comments /Shipment Comments on PO for distribution
  • One click Sales Order to Purchase Order Conversion
  • Create manual PO for inventory items
  • Preview PO before sending
  • Electronic order placement to all major Suppliers
  • Attach the PO in HTML format
  • One click Cancel PO
  • Daily order status files from suppliers
  • Ability to pull (automatically) Order Status, Serial No. , Tracking No. , ETA etc from Select Distributors
  • Add Serial No., Tracking Manually for PO Line items
  • Get ETA information for Back Ordered products from select distributors
  • Notify Account managers & customers at all levels
  • Create Custom distributors
  • Ability to source even Aggregated catalog products from custom distributors
  • Automate purchasing workflow for touch less ordering. Confirmed card or sales Quotes automatically creates and send purchase order to the best possible distributor without you touching it.