Sell products outside our distribution network?
Create own product catalog with VARStore.

Add your products to your custom product catalog easily.

Add own products

Add own products

VARStreet's custom product catalog feature allows you to easily add any product or service to your eCommerce catalog.

Custom Catalog
Add products and manage inventory

Upload your custom product catalog to your VARStreet eCommerce store. Add your own products, write or upload product descriptions, tech specs, marketing collateral, etc.

Organize your catalog

Organise your custom product catalog according to categories, sub-categories and brands.

Sell services

Create own product catalog and sell services by themselves or with a product as a value-addition. For example, installation as a service with IT hardware or training with a software product like PoS software.

Bulk upload

A massive custom product catalog? No problem. Upload products in bulk in .xls or .csv easily.

Get a lot more with VARStore
Customer specific landing page

Offer B2B customer specific landing pages
upon login. Design a personal experience
for your B2B customers with favourite
products, customer-specific branding,
look and feel, etc.

Theming language

We have developed a theming language which
gives you complete control over the design
of your eCommerce store and shopping cart.
We offer free tutorials too! Learn the
theming language and build yourself a
stunning eCommerce website.

No tech speak? No problem!

Our templates are easy-to-use and customize.
You do not require ANY technical knowledge.
Our philosophy behind designing the
eCommerce platform was to ‘Keep it
Simple Silly’!

Unparalleled support and exceptional add ons

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    Constant support

    Our experienced support team is always available! We are always with you from the moment you sign up with us.

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    Take the first step - we will guide you through it all.

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    Professional services

    We provide a host of services in all areas including - design, marketing, engineering, etc. to ensure success.