How VARStreet is responding to CoVid 19

VARStreet supports multiple payment
gateways. Pick based on
your requirement.

Maximize online profits, eliminate the risk of fraud, and build customer
loyalty and trust with VARStreet.

Secure transactions

We have frequent risk-assessments and security audits to ensure that credit card and other sensitive data is secure.
Accept payments on store

VARStreet gives you a reliable and secure eCommerce store that lets you accept all major credit card and PayPal payments through our integration with a host of payment gateways.

PCI compliance

We take security very seriously and all eCommerce stores powered by VARStreet are PCI compliant.

A host of features to simplify checkout
Multiple payment methods

Accept all major credit cards like Visa, Master
Card, Amex, Discover, Diners, etc., on your PCI
compliant eCommerce store.

PayPal integration

Set up your store in minutes and start accepting
credit card payments on your eCommerce store in
minutes with PayPal.

Govt. payments

VARStreet eCommerce stores support Govt. issued purchase orders and Govt. issued credit cards. Supports Level 3 credit card processing.

Customer specific payment methods

Set customer-specific payment methods and terms based on login information for customers who have accounts with you.

Unparalleled support and
exceptional service

  • Constant support

    Our experienced support team is always available!
    We help you from your first online sale and beyond.

  • Implementation

    Take the first step - we will guide you through it all.

  • Professional services

    A range of professional services to help you with customized solutions for your business.

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